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The world through my lens πŸ‘€  Hi! I'm a 24 y/o creative entrepreneur, πŸ“· & webdev from The Netherlands. All photos by me. QK is a sideways ninja 90Β° to the right. πŸ‘‰ In Amsterdam


Robots taking over the stage, next they plan to take over the world... Should we be scared about AI and machine learning? πŸ‘‰ Comment your thoughts πŸš€

Fijne Koningsdag iedereen! Houd je kroontje goed vast want het waait hier hard!

Wil je online ook de koning zijn? Neem dan een website bij Wies Media πŸ‘‘

Happy Kingsday everyone! Hold your crown because it's windy!

Do you also want to he the king online? Get yourself a website from Wies Media πŸ‘‘

Getting more into people photography now. Scary but way more fun! This guy certainly didn't like me taking a photo of him, hope you all like the result though.
He gave me the finger afterwards which would be a great photo but I walked away pretending I didn't see that.

More photo's coming this week!

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