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THUNDERCLAP 4X4 RELEASE ============================================ 【Thunderclap 4x4】
A 4x4 suited for competition 【Classic half-bright sticker scheme】
More vivid scheme
Better distinction between colors
Superior grip and feel 【One big, one small – each with individuality】 Two editions, large and small
The 62mm version is conventional size, suited for those used to the event
The mini version is 60mm, for cubers with smaller hands 【Enlarged outer layers】 The outer layers are enlarged are enlarged for the 3x3 stage
Increasing overall controllability Advantageous for reaching faster turning speed 【Dual level internal mechanism design】 Dual level internal mechanism design greatly reduces POPs
This innovative dual level internal mechanism combines two locking mechanisms, creating an entirely new hand-feel 【Anti-stick technology】
Both edge and internal piece contact surfaces feature anti-stick grooves
Contributes to fluid turning and decreasing sticking 【Single piece mold construction】
Using single piece mold construction, piece surfaces are smoother
Greater accuracy and precision for better feel on inner layers 【Round corner optimization design】
A lesser degree of rounding on the inner layers guarantees stability
A greater degree of rounding on the outer layers enhances corner cutting ability ==========================================
Version : Black/White/Stickerless
Products will be available from on 22nd.Aug.2017
You deserved one , make an order from your local shop and set your new record

Twist cube of QiYi MoFangGe .Can you solve it?😏😏. #qiyi #mofangge #twistcube #twist #qiyimofanggecube #puzzle

Completed a Mosaic picture with 3,100 pieces QiYi Cube :) #qiyi #qiyimofanggecube #mofangge #speedcubing #mosaic

Which colour of the inner core for the WuXia 2x2 you are prefer to :? A.Primary Color
B. Black Color

WuXia 2x2 of QiYi MoFangGe is coming soon #qiyi #qiyimofanggecube #mofangge #2x2 #speedcube #speedcubing

Let's go for cubing. Oh,no,let's go Slam-dunk #qiyimofanggecube #qiyi #mofangge #3x3 #speedcube #nba

Huge Congrats to Seung-Hyuk Nahm from the M-Team for the Champion of the 3x3 Podium In China Championship 2017,Kaljun Lin for 2nd Place,Mats Valk for the 3rd Place.
More pics about the China Championship 2017 will share with guys soon :)

25.55s--Congrats to Seung-Hyuk Nahm for setting the Asian Record on 4x4 Average Category!! Cube: WuQue 4x4 of QiYi MoFangGe
Event: China Championship 2017

25.61s-- congrats to Seung-Hyuk Nahm to set the Asian Record on 4x4 Average Category!! Also congrats to Mats Valk to set the National Record on4x4 Single Category with 22.09s.
Cube: WuQue of QiYi MoFangGe
Event: China Championship 2017

4.90s-- congrats to Seung-Hyuk Nahm to set the Asian Record on 3x3 Single Category!! #qiyi #qiyimofanggecube #mofangge #speedcube

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