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Qing Han  韩青 | Qinni Professional doodler (๑•͈ᴗ•͈)◞✏ 4x open heart surgery survivor (•́⌄•́๑)૭✧ - FAQ account: @qinnih Qinniart @ Twitter Thx for the coffee ☕️💕


Tried to actually do actual constellations, can you guys recognize any? 😆😆
Haha sorry for the hiatus again @-@;; with back pain and headaches it's kinda hard to get back into everything >.<;;. I also tried to film this with a camera I got a while back for my Japan trip that I never got to go to cause I got hospitalized loll. Setting up took quite some time @-@;;
Anyways, I'm going to Shanghai for a bit next week to visit my granddad, so I may not be able to draw or post much...I'll only be sketching cause I won't be taking my paint or laptop with me. It's too much work 😬. Should I post sketches here? Yeah or nah? I used to post them but I kinda feel like they're too scrappy to show these days haha~~

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Coffee or tea? I prefer both myself actually haha~ I need both....♪(´ε` )

Thank you guys so much for all your kind words last post~! My granddad's been discharged from the hospital a few days ago and I'm so relieved. He had a fever and we were so worried it might become something worse because of his lung tumour and that I might not be able to make it back in time to see him. Buut he's out so that's one less thing I'm stressed about haha ♪( ´▽`)~
Thank you guys againnnn for all the support, love you guysssss 💕💕

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Empty ⭕️

So I took a break from social media for about a month. This really just was a doodle for myself and I wasn't even going to post it, but you know how sometimes messy doodles just kinda solidify... Well, anyways, stress got the better of me and I pretty much had to shut down and do something else for a bit. And by something else I mean nothing of significance at all lol.
I wish things had gotten better, but it hasn't...my mom's white blood cell count actually LOWERED, and she still insists on working -__-;;. My granddad's tumour has...migrated... I'll need to go back to China soon to see him. My mom's preparing me for the worst and it's kinda all just happening at once? The doctors here are thinking of sending me to the Mayo clinic in the US because my heart disease is so unusual, and the scar is STILL growing according to the CT reports...And US medical fees are so much I dunno if I'd wanna go or just die and save some money for my aging parents 😂😂
Anyways, I'm not sure how "back" I am, but I'm trying to get back to art and maybe draw my stress out haha...but tbh it felt better gaming and not thinking about anything. Haha, sorry, I feel like every time I post online it's always so negative. I wish I was more positive these days~ Well, I'm more positive when I'm gaming and cooking? Lmaooo~~ I'm gonna go water my plants.
Thanks for dropping by and sticking w me :) 💕

The sunny weather outside doesn't match my mood...hahaha...

Just some rambling as usual, feel free to ignore me hahaha.
sorry I haven't really been posting much...
I've been a little stressed. No surprises there haha. The doctors don't know what to do with me or my heart disease, I'm not getting call backs even after doing tests, but most of all as time goes on I feel more and more useless and like...a waste of space...? It's just this feeling of guilt, inadequacy of not being able to do anything to help anyone or even earn a decent living, instead living off my parents because I'm too sick and stressed and busy with rehab stuff to work right now. It doesn't help that my mom's injured her arm and was diagnosed with low white blood cell (low immune system) a few weeks ago...we're like two sick ppl taking care of each other lmao "orz
so yah I've been avoiding social media a bit...I drew this one thing that started off nice and sunny and as my mood worsened it turned sad 😂. I was randomly bursting into tears and shit, and that's not fun lol...
I'm so tired. Thanks for all your support and kind words though....but I'm so tired...of just, like, everything hahaha...
Sorry, rambled again lmaooo you guys must be super tired of reading these depressing-ish shit lmaooo sry, I don't mean to do it but there aren't a lot of ppl I can talk to about this stuff, especially not my family cause it stresses them out lolll~ though if this stressed you out I'm sorrryyyy haha @-@;;; umm thanks for making it this far lol this is a true ramble. Here's a cookie. Wait, it's summer, so here's some ice cream 🍦😆

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The cover I painted for @noodlerella's next book, Princess in Practice~!

It's finally been revealed officially, so I can post this now~! Yay!
I was still recovering from surgery when I did this so I'm really thankful the editor gave me a looot more time since the hospitalization and surgery was so unexpected xD;. Also cause I really wanted to work on it😆~ I hope you guys like it~!

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There's only one reason I'm doing this and it's cause I can include the best one, on the right bottom 😂 #eyememe #bandwagon

Sry, gonna ramble about my medical condition rn, feel free to just ignore.
Got some not great news at the hospital yesterday though nothing is for sure yet, but they found new abnormal growth in my heart again from the CT scan I had taken on Tue. This is the same growth that made me have pretty much allll my surgeries hahahaahahjaahahaha....I'm beyond stressed right now. Like. Beyond. *internal screaming*

👑♥️Queen of Hearts ♥️👑

Thanks for coming to the stream for this guys~~ I pretty much did almost all the colours on stream, I think? Now I just need a good webcam so I can stream the pencilling part too, one day...
I dunno why I keep posting on days I gotta go to rehab lol...I'm so tired argh. Saaaave meeeee I don't wanna goooooo 😂😭😭....also to the doctor's appointment afterwards....u_u;;

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"Daydreaming ✨🐟"

Thank you guys for 2 Mil followers omfg 😱😱😱
I'd love to be verified by @instagram by now tho 😂😭😭 pleaseeee~~
Also, thank you guys who came to my stream to watch this get slowly painted hahaha~ I spent so long on this ahhh I hope you guys like it 😭😭
Gotta go to rehab soon so that's funnnnnnnnn haaaahaha....

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"Stardust Ballerina"

A little #fbf #throwback
I kinda miss using my gold ink~~

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"The Moon whispered to the Star..."

A little #tbt cause I'm so slow at working anything these days ahhhh sorry~

Happy pride month 💕🌈

So I've started exercise rehab recently. I'm so tired lol. It seems like as soon as my heart rate goes above 90-100, my left arm starts hurting as per my old symptoms 😭. They're ordering another CT scan for me soon...hoping it's nothing big Ahhh.
I'm so tired. It's hard to be hopeful at this point but thanks to everyone who tries to cheer me up haha, thank you guys...

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I heard its #mermay ! But I don't have any time to draw anything decent for it right now, I'm still working on a thing that'll hopefully be done soon. When it's out officially I'll post it 😆
Btw, I'm more active on Twitter these days cause I'm not too fond of the FB algorithms haha;;;

I'm actually super stressed today lol. I gotta go see my cardiologist for the first time post discharge, and my body has recently started showing signs that my heart's still not too good right now...I need to talk to the doctor and I'm so stressed cause in my head I keep thinking I'll need surgery again....most of the time I just try not to think about it haha...
So anyways, here's a #throwback 😆

#mermaid #cat #illustration

Just a bit of a process from a drawing I did while hospitalized. Debated with myself if I should post this or not but since I got nothing else...haha...
I'm working on a book cover right now when I'm not resting (and I rest a lot lol) so I don't have anything to show yet, sorry XD~
Music: Junichi Kamiyama - poetry of wind
Pencil- platinum Japan pro-use 3, but the tip bends easily so if you drop it, it may break...not sure if recommend? Lol

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