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ᑫIᗰᗰᗩᕼ TᕼEᖇᗩᑭY  ᴄᴇʀᴛɪfɪᴇᴅ ᴘᴇʀsᴏɴᴀʟ ᴛʀᴀɪɴᴇʀ 🏋🏾‍♀️ ʟA 📍woмenѕ вeѕт 🥤 Ryderwear 💨 get αll mч cuѕtom workoutѕ & meαl plαnѕ ⬇️

Cause we all love working the glutes 😜💪🏽 (link in my bio for my custom workouts)

Drink good feel good 🌸

Yum! It’s Friday and it’s guna be a very hot weekend in most places 😃! Drink your water and eat your Q-flex meals! (Link in bio)

#qimmahtherapy 🌸☺️💪🏽

Believe in who you’re becoming.
Life. 🌸

Have you seen @sneakyvaunt’s new lingerie?! 😍 Super cute and SO comfy! I ordered some panties when they first launched, but I’m totally doing a restock right now because for the next 24 hours everything is 20% off! My fav kind is the seamless AND the prints. Check sneakyvaunt.com out for yourself, I mean a deal this hot won’t last ;)

Chillin 👗 (SWIPE)

We are unstoppable! Click link in my bio for my custom plans and online training ❤️

Quote of the YEAR!
So important to me ❤️ #energy #qimmahtherapy

Perfect way to start a morning 😈 is with a little competition. Had a push up competition the winner was supposed to win $100 if they could do more push ups than me. So the guy dropped down and just did 25 😉 assuming that’s all I could do hehe little did he know, I came out and dropped a nice 40 on them! They we’re going crazy haha 😬 so much fun! Stay inspired stay motivated stay CONFIDENT 😍 cause confidence is soooo sexy! @montyimages thank you for capturing this moment! #girlpower #girlswithmuscles #qimmahtherapy @veniceball ☀️

Took forever to find this pic. Had to really dig back to kee_ma_la_shmexy days 🤪 but I know you guys who just started following me wanted to see where I started. So here it is!
So Instagram started in 2010. I think I started mine in 2011. Ive been playing sports my entire life & I started to post about my physical achievements and the work that went into it. I really was posing just for fun, until I realized I could help people. In 2011, I was 8% body fat, & 18 % now. (118lbs VS. 130lbs) I eventually learned my body, what it reacts to and how it reacts. I had the desire to be a little softer & a little thicker. I felt like I could still be very feminine and soft but also strong and fit. I wanted to show the world that females and muscles do go together & it’s actually sexy too! We are so dynamic, versatile, fearless, relentless but also delicate, feminine, unselfish & vulnerable.. I admire all body types but muscles was something I wanted to embrace about myself, & that I felt needed to be admired more. Embrace what you are and who you are. And you just gotta own it! Being in shape or having muscles isn’t just about the physical appearance but the hard work and dedication and commitment that goes into it. It takes a lot of self love to go that hard for YOU. As you can see I was very lean and very active in pic (left) and now 😬 I’m happier with size that i an now. It’s been a lot of fun finding me. 🌴🌸 #qimmahtherapy [REPOST] #transformationtuesday

The name is pronounced (key-ma) 😉

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