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stella lim qien  feels like I'm falling and I'm lost in your eyes, you make me crazier 💜🦄🎪 #TS


Spent our last day of Seoul trip in a really great way all thanks to Jo Kwon 🇰🇷~ shit really do happen when you waited at his cafe and left but to realise him walking past you...????!! i reallly love your dance (ballet) on “let’s go dream team” 💃🏼😂😗 (pppsssht, the cafe is some cool shit😉 I’ll come back again for more ice cream on cereal hehe 🍨💜)


thankful to have gone through this tough battle with y’all and ending it on an exciting note with y’all as well. it’s been a fierce fight of weekly weekend study sessions, chopping seats in public places and school during the weekends and study break, encouraging me to push on when I have doubts and constantly filling positivi-tea in my life. 💜🎉💃🏼 .

And happy birthday our maknae Alicia 🎉 chalet was really very fun ☺️ only regret is that never book two nights aiya!!!!! here’s to future chalet where we eat non stop, walk barefooted non stop on the streets (😭), knocking on people’s door for charcoal and fire starter (find where the ‘cute’ guy that y’all deemed was at) and of course, waking (did we sleep?) to see sunrise at wrong position of prp 🙄🤷🏼‍♀️ and def, 2 nights 💃🏼!

got to save the best for the last,,, what would I do without y’all in my life??? I’ve learnt a lot from you guys and received so much support from y’all.
- Alicia: WE WILL get into VJ and Med school together. I’ll work super super hard.
- Shamine: I’ll wait for you to open a vet clinic and be your first customer.
- Pei Wen: I learnt the most from you, you’re my constant pillar for the past 4 years. Thanks for allll the laughter!!!!!
- Lytien: I hope you’ll find what you want to do and don’t be stress about the uncertain road ahead, I’m always here for you 💜
- Eechiew: I hope you’ll become a baker hehe and bake a lot of food for us 😋 I can’t be anymore thankful for y’all santa babies &&& THIS IS NOT THE END for I know we’ll meet every cny, every mid-autumn, every christmas & for ton more of other days,,, my house is always open for y’all and I’m looking forward to chalet & the ton more of fun we’ll have together 😊💜 #GRADLO🎓

my most favourite bunch of people,,,, thank you for all the laughter in class, I’m thankful for this fate and I’ll miss EVERY SINGLE ONE OF YOU dearly :”) we’re soaring, flying, there’s not a star in heaven that we can’t reach yeh we’re breaking free 🎉 &&& I’ll be less sad by holding on to the thought that we’ll meet for another class gathering 💜 #4R7’17GRADLO!

hello one of the first friends i made in primary 3, did my first ever project work with and joined the same cca in Pri-Sec school, i know you've been waiting allll day for me to wish ya but nahh i won't say it till 2359 🤷🏼‍♀️,,, i hope you liked the ridiculous celebration and presents the 6 of us (+ @ali.cia.1122, @lytien_ , @bonanapotatoe) prepared for you,,, i had a realllly gud time singing my heart out (living the aspiring singer life I wanted as a villager) \^0^/ all i wna say is in the card, 😋 #happyceleryday🥗 .
ps, m not in the last two pics but v proud that i took them, they're v cute :")

hi eezhu, 😊 i thought i would a little nicer to you today since it's zhu-r day,,,, thank you for being my pillar in life. im amazed by how far our friendship has gone and im just so lucky to have met a friend like you who, does not have a temper and instead is always the one cheering me up (because of my pretty bad temper); always willing to do the weirdest things with me (basically everything with me); always assuring me; always willing to 撒娇 with me; always my partner, always willing to practise oral with me(although I know you really wna go home and sleep); always willing to go consultation with me. well, most importantly, a friend who feeds us well esp during snack time 😋. you do know how much i love this friendship right, don't you? ehe. happiest 17th birthday, 🐷💞🐔😘 let's go on manyyyyyyy food adventures after olevels 😋

other than the fact that i couldn't get a henna because of hcl oral,,, ''twas a pretty nice last rhd :")

cliché but they are the ones who made life a lot more easier than it would've been 😚,,,, i don't wna graduate n leave yall 😩

art box 😙

hello my dearests,

o' what an incredible journey it had been with you. & i'll be honest, from the start, i had zero intention of joining guzheng in sec school (the air condition and the guzhengs we could borrow home probably intrigued me a little). either way, somehow, from the strings ensemble cca i wanted to get in, i got into guzheng instead. and it has instead been the best part of my nass life.

it hadn't been the smoothest journey and there were many events that went awry in the midst - performances getting cancelled, privileges being removed and everyone thought a team so small, with only 19, can only do just so much. BUT it was precisely because there's only 19 of us, we were more 合拍 than any, we were stronger than any. im really proud of how each of us survived every single obstacle and come thus far. there were ups and downs but im glad we experienced them together because they truly are extraordinary memories that augment my years in ngee ann - memories i can take with me for life. to go through an important aspect of my sec school life with you, i thank heaven for this fate.

this journey of learning 14 songs and performing for Founder's day'14, Tapestry6'14, CNY'15, Founder's day'15, SYF'15, Mihama perf'15, Founder's day'16, Tapestry7'16, Founder's day'17, im grateful to end it off with SYF'17 and to have it end with you, moreover, to end NASGZ with a distinction. It may be the end of NASGZ, but i know it'll never end in our hearts. 1/4 of my life with NASGZ, 1/2 of my life with guzheng

so many gold moments, thank you, my family 💜 #nasgzfamilypride #nasgz

Today's EXO 5th anniversary so I thought I'll release my inner fangirl and be cringey and dedicate something to them

Hello my "Peter Pans", Jan 2013, when I first came across you, you were like a "Black Pearl" under the "Moonlight" - you became "(my) star", my "first love"

Dear "Dancing King"s, you've been through the toughest and most "Unfair" moments, and I hate myself for being an international fan who can't be there for you always.The whole fandom fell apart, some left some stayed, some blamed and some encouraged. And I was there wishing for a time "Machine" but it never came and I knew I just had to accept it. But "Baby, Don't Cry" for "It's my turn to cry" for you. You grew "Stronger" despite those times and proved to us "Miracles in December" do happen, you came back to assure us with that speech Lay had on "MAMA", "December, 2014". I never knew it was possible for me to “Overdose” on your “Tender love,” but now I can’t get enough of your presence “3.6.5” days a year. It's a "Heart Attack" when our mom bought your tickets on 10 Jan 2016 for us to see you. We finally understood how "Cloud nine" means to be like.

Thank you my "Monster"s, for "Letting out the (dancing) beast" in you, on April 8, 2012. Thank you for mustering the courage to carry the audition form to SM. I am really, a "Lucky One" who have hit the "Lotto" for being able to live in this life with you. And everyday, just feels like "(I'm) dreaming". I'm extremely thankful for "Heaven" for this fate and you "For Life". Meeting you was fate, becoming your fan was a choice but falling in love with you was beyond control. You who brought me out of darkness and into the light, my lifeline, my breath. "So lucky, my love". You, my "Transformer" who have been protecting me, I "Promise" I "(W)on't go" anywhere else.

Our journey together hasn’t been the smoothest road, but we won't let you be “Hurt” again. We’ll become inseparable like “Two moons” under the starry sky, shining together, forever. My love will "Sing for you" and I'll be stronger to be your "Lightsaber" in rough times. “XOXO,” EXOL who loves her "One and Only" "Wol(ves)". #5yearswithEXO

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