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  💕heeyyo ıts em, αndd mαds yay💕 🌎we post fıltered quαlıty #bαsıc🌎 ⛅️dm us ıf you need α frıend αw⛅️

🍐heh guys so uhm I'm about to go
💿on a plane and fly to Arizona to
🍼go see my mom in the hospital
☁️and I'm rly excited to go tbh heh
#qotp favorite place to fly
#aotp Norway where my g-parents
on my daddy's side are yay

💕hey guys so i don't know if fey
🍐will ever be posting bc she is
🚘really busy and mads phone
🎽makes the pics look odd so idk
⛅️i (em) might be the only one
💕posting and mads will be a minion
#qotp favorite food?
#aotp idk I looove Chinese food
though bc I love rice and chicken

💎hey guys soooooo this morning
💦I was playing with Phonto and i
🚿learned how to do some pretty
🐳cool things on it and I'm gonna
💿go on a mini spam just to fill my feed
#qotp favorite store?
#aotp hollister lush or BBW

💕hey guys it's em and this is our
🎀first post yay. im really excited to
🌸start our new theme bc I love the
🍥filter I made so fricking much heh
|#qotp:favorite song¿?|
|#aotp:i bet my life -i.d|

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