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Qedar Christia  KE '17 ECC ‘20🔴⚪️⚫️ Single

Im still working on my masterpiece 🖌🖼. 📸 @ill.b__ 💯

•Ambition is priceless, its something thats in your veins, And i pray that never change• 📸 ~ @dxpe.lxwry 🤙🏿‼️

Shes mad bc i didnt tell her @ midnight But issa bad bitch birthday!!!! Couldnt be more proud of how far youve came as a young woman and cant wait to see you move mountains in the future. weve been day 1’s and that’ll never change. Youll always be my lil sis and aint nobody changing that at all. youre growin up so fast and i cant believe it i met you as a 8th grader and youre already a Sr 😭 ig time flies by and that makes me feel old asf 🤣. But definitely get lit cant wait to see you and the look on your face when i give you your presents bc nobody knows you better than i do🤷🏿‍♂️💁🏿‍♂️ So stay positive and accept nothing but good vibes today‼️🙏🏿 Love you foreva&always Sis❤️‼️ and once again Happy Birthday!!!!!!

🚫🧢. 📸~ @ill.b__


Who do it better than us, ill wait🤷🏿‍♂️#loading

Can u tell we like having our picture taken?‼️🤫 📸 @alexa_grisafi

Took it yesterday so it still counts a a birthday pic😂

Got to send them to their first prom (most of them)


Hell and back🤘🏿‼️

Gotta show em what they missin🤣

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