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Queen Emma Athletic Club  Developing strong, ethical, and moral youth on Maui. Powered by faith!🙏 2140 Main Street Monday and Wednesday 3:30-4:30pm Free to all youth!

Lifting from the last couple days. 6 year old Braxton showing some athleticism and explosive hip drive on a little thing we call "river rocks" along with Kaimi and Jacob who is starting to find his groove...
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Our Final group for the day. Throughout the day an average of 100 students, ages 6-17 year old boys and girls perform basic weightlifting movements with us. The results vary but all benefit from exercising their mind, body and spirit...
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The Quiet before the storm...
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Future athletes and future coaches train together in a symbiotic relationship...
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Highlight of the day: 8 year old Vaiden hitting his first 100 lb lift. His 6 year old brother so proud saying, "We gotta tell mom and dad!!" 5x5 front squats, 5x5 power snatches...
@hiperformanceathletics @kauhaahaa
@tor_tor23 look who fits your old shoes

In observance of Memorial Day there will be no Queen Emma Athletic club workouts. We'll either see you at @hiperformanceathletics tomorrow at 330pm or Wednesday at QEAC. Enjoy your time with your Ohana...

Regardless of the explosive movement it's all about faster, faster, faster...
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A tribute to the great one, Coach Tommy Kono and the State of Hawaii Weightlifting community🏋🏽🏋🏽🏋🏽

Bar jumps, deficit snatches, power clean & jerk
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The girls snatch and clean and jerk doubles...
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The boy's snatch and clean and jerk doubles
@hiperformanceathletics @kauhaahaa

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