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Qashrul Hidafi  Creative Director/Professional Photographer from Singapore. Specialising in gorgeous women. E-mail: enquiry@qashrul.com


“I don’t want the truth I just wanna feel fucking cool.” #supreme #hypebeast #iPhoneX
#streetstyle #streetwear #drmartens #truereligion

So these group of kids were shouting “Supreme! Supreme!” when they saw me walking past them and were raving about it. I think they’ve never seen anyone wore it before 😂

Worth the 2+ hour wait in the cold at the London store.

#supreme #hypebeast #london #iPhoneX #flexing

City of Salzburg.

Shot by me on my iPhone X

#salzburg #iphoneX #europe2017 #austria🇦🇹

The only time you have no enemies is when everyone’s ahead of you.

Shot on my iPhone X. With strong fundamentals you can shoot with anything. It’s quite ironic because I started my own journey with a Sony k800i camera phone. People were telling me they wanted to hire me for jobs and didn’t believe I wasn’t using a DSLR back then. After a full decade of teaching myself how to shoot with professional gear I’m back to using my phone to take pictures. 😎

#fullcircle #youcanbelazyifyouaregood #iphoneX #london #🇬🇧

Dapper all day every day in the streets of London. 🇬🇧 Second time here and loving every second of it!

Shot and edited on my iPhone X. 📸 @shirilaxelrod & Supervised/Edited by me.

Some people rave about how big and expensive their cameras are thinking it’ll give them better pictures. If you’re a legit photographer, you can shoot in anything bro, even with an iPhone. But that being said, iPhone X is damn awesome, doubt I’ll be bringing even my compact camera for my future trips.

#London #iPhoneX #YouCanBeLazyIfYouAreGood #streetsoflondon

Inspired by Selena Gomez's Fetish for the longest time and I'm so glad I managed to do this video! Special thanks to the creative and talented people @mrgraphsman and @hristenko_anna for believing in my vision!

Shot and edited by me!
#beautyvideo #beauty #fetish

These are the kinda shots that work for social media. Hot girls getting ready looking completely natural. And the eyeline is deliberately made so that you are the mirror they're looking at. An intimate peek to their lives... so you know what product they're using to make them look so beautiful.

See, this was my pitch, using non-model attractive girls for a social media advertisement. You can promote anything from the lipstick, the bra or even the towels wrapped on their heads. Advertisements don't work if they're too in-your-face.

That was my pitch, but you just didn't get it. I rarely wanna break shit down, but everything you see is directed and deliberate. I may not be formally trained in the arts (I'm a bio major), but believe me when I tell you I know shit that works. Stop hiring people who sound impressive on paper but fail to actually deliver.

Whatever it is, I'll never give up. More cool shit coming your way, I promise.

I'll make you beg to if you seek Amy. -
By Qash. Contact me for shoots.


"I'll be all you'll ever think about. Every day. And every night." Photo by Qashrul Hidafi.

#portaiture #blackandwhite

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