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Quotes And Memes  Quotes and Memes

You know your deeply in love with someone. When it's currently 5am and you've been on a phone call for 9 hours.
And yous are whispering I love yous, and bickering over who should go to sleep. Copying each others laughs.
And they tell you how much they love you and that your beautiful and your there definition of perfect. That they wouldn't care what weight you are. And they tell you not to change anything about yourself once you've told them that you don't like how you look. And they tell you that they miss you even though they saw you less than 24 hours ago.
And you have the biggest smile on your face and the most butterflies in your stomach then you've ever had. Just because your simply talking to them. And you sit there and think about how you could just listen to them talk for hours on end because you love their voice. But not just their voice. You love their smile. Their laugh. The way they talk. The way they act. Their hair. Their sense of style. You just love them..

Due to experiences lately I've realised that there's really not as much time left as we think there is..
You could go from having the best day of your life to having the worst within 2 seconds..
So it really is a good idea to drag your ass out of bed in the morning even if you don't want and spend time with people because you never know how much time there really is left..
Go to the shops or around places with your parents or other family members even if it's not the cool thing to do these days because you never know what will happen..
Go hug,kiss,hold hands whatever it is with that person..
Go and work your ass off and prove everyone wrong..
Go and sit with the person crying and try comfort them..
Take stupid photos with your friends..
Make cringey videos that you'll regret later..
Because in reality things do happen when your least expecting it.. ~A.C

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