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Mohammed AlDhafeeri  a journey that never ends. iPhonography. Blog: q8ieng.com 💪: @GAINZaurus 👻: @q8ieng


Keep appreciating and valuing the little things..

298 - 3 🌴🌊 "It's okay to lose people, but never lose yourself".

298 - 2 🌴🌊 "everybody got their reason, everybody got their way, we're just catching and releasing, what builds up throughout the day.. 🎶"

298 - 1 🌴🌊 "Sometimes you can’t explain what you see in a person. It’s just the way they take you to a place where no one else can."

Hold on to everything that makes you happy, that keeps you alive.. Listening to: Vance Joy - Georgia 🎶

I hope that you go out, live a little, and perhaps take your heart with you..
trust me, you'll see the world in a whole new perspective..
You'll see art everywhere, you'll start to appreciate the things around you, you'll start to see beauty more,
and you would never have to use the eyes of others again..

to everything that you thought once you wouldn't survive without, had left, and you are still alive.. 🍃

Standing right there, because the smell of grass after the rain ☔️ was something refreshing.. - Old Tbilisi.

"I hope you will go out and let stories happen to you."

That's how I imagined it; celestial sky 🌌..

...and talking to you was like coming home.

"The briefest moment
shared with you—
the longest 
on my mind."

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