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Kaitlin Stewart  Esports at Riot Games. Support main. Geek fashion and style. Coffee consumption is my passive. My faithful co-pilot is a French Bulldog named Puns.

Summoning my inner #HBIC in my #cherylblossom tee #riverdalestrong

Winter is coming tonight. In celebration of #gameofthrones premiere, I had to bust out this #sansastark tee by @jordandenenyc

"You're Standing on My Neck" used to play every time I booted up my computer. When I pull out this shirt from the dresser, the #daria theme song always plays in my head.

#TBT I can't wait to go back to London in September

"Yer a wizard!" #harrypotter20

Piltover Punch! I couldn't resist this #leagueoflegends tee inspired by my fav faction and my namesake champion

Bird-of-paradise bomber jacket

"Destroying the status quo because the status is not quo. The world is a mess and I just need to rule it." - Dr. Horrible 📷 by @colinyoungwolff

"Are you referring to the symbol of The Deathly Hallows?"

Recruiting for the Evil League of Evil...who invited the corporate tool? #DrHorrible

I have a PhD in Horribleness. #DrHorrible and #CaptainHammer wish @chiefwizardking a happy birthday!

"Hoy! Hold it right there, small fry!" - Fishman, Wind Waker

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