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Karolina Pietrus I  Cats. Streetcars. Roncesvalles. Roadtrips. Cheap Wine. Weird hair.

I've been so fortunate in my life to be surrounded by upstanding men who have backed me up in all of the trouble I cause - neither in spite of, nor because of my being a female, but simply because they are wonderful, supportive human beings, so I understand in a way what @sophiegregoiretrudeau *meant* to say in her recently infamous twitter post.

But my experience - her experience - while evocative, is limited.

I'll admit that International Women's Day isn't usually a big blip on my radar (lucky me), but this year, in light of all that's happened - everything that's been said and done in the last twelve months - things are resonating differently, as they should, for me and no doubt for others who have been exposed to my kind of privilege.

When it comes to #genderequality , we don't need to be celebrating the masses of 'men who join the fight', we need to be celebrating the women, LGBTQ, and other marginalized voices who lead it, need it, nurture it.

i am feeling feelings so i made a thing. if you identify as #nasty and you want one too to make you feel better pm me. colours/tattoos/wedding rings/fierce-ass nails optional.

suggestive background shape can also be customized (orange works pretty well tho imho). #tomorrowinhand

What's nasty, comes in varying shades of pink, and intermittently speckled with blood-red sparkly bits? #pussyhatproject #womensmarchonwashington

For anyone who didn't believe that I actually brought home 500 sq. ft. of bubble wrap yesterday afternoon. @gwynneaf @kellswaters @sunsetsalsa @han_gah #ontario #hydro #bills

I come in peace. (Mostly). #happyhalloween

To everyone I meet tonight, sorry & you're welcome for this bubble gun.

Impromptu date night at a truck stop in Mississauga for old time's sake 💛 .#skiptheshortcuts

Stapelia gigantea: carrion flower. Smells like rotten meat!

@$#!& ITCHY TOES!!!!!!!!!!!

13 years mean you $plurge at your favourite restaurant. Happy anniversary @seboliska #gobigorgohome

PSA: Gillette Venus razor handles (the kind you always get for free in giveaways) fit men's Mach3 heads (the kind that are always on sale). YES THOSE ARE $3 PRICETAGS AND YES I AM POSTING ABOUT A SALE I FOUND BECAUSE I AM AN ADULT!!!!! #pinktax #psa #gillette

Ughhhhh #pokemongo servers are down again I guess I'll have to look up from my phone and notice real life creatures again ughhhh #theworst #fml #pleasecomeback .

My favourite guy, aka #tata .

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