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intrusive thots  gay and in distress memes + bands + textposts + lgbtq+


i love her so much im gay

i miss girls!!!

remember the days when people used to use thiscrush instead of sarahah and twenty one pilots were active? me neither.

i cant believe i have to go over an entire week without girls...

yet i don’t have the guts to tell my close friends—who are nearly all queer—that i’m gay

theres someone outside playing basketball and its literally shaking my room im about to throw a fit

anyway i love pvris

the shout at the beginning of She’s A Handsome Woman sounds like my dad yelling and it spooks me every time

scoping out da booty ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


shes my baby girl i will protect her with my life

i had a dream last night where brendon urie and i were trekking through the mountains trying to find heaven and when we got to the end there was just a hallmark card with 5 bucks inside

im stanning her so hard tonight

when you spell lynn gunn as “lynn gynn”

dry anger is when twenty one pilots have been gone for like four years

its so weird being gay bc sometimes a friend will start talking about one of those 5sos guys and be like “oMg My HusBaND?!??” and ill be like !!!! cant relate

i think i genuinely slept for like 4 hours after school today

i shed actual tears every time i see this photo shes so beautiful

y’all i just did this today

i wish there was a way to come out without blatantly “coming out” u feel?


we stan

i wantt a gf

pretty odd minus the likes the beatles part 👀
creds to parmesarn on tumblr

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