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Pierce van Kempen  Capturing life one shot at a time. Gold Coast based photographer. Contact | piercevankempen@gmail.com

Steelwool photography is defiantly one of my favorite because of how much fun it is. The long preparation of exposure, foucs, composition and the issues you have to over come like standing on the most sketchy rock ledge 50m above a fall to your death (thanks @tate.photo), broken lighter, steelwool not lighting and little grass fires. All these things make it that much more special when you get the shot.

Good trip down south with @tate.photo with alot of photographs taken. Stay tuned over the next few days for more shots from the trip.

Believe it or not this photo was taken just hours after the previous shot on my Instagram page. Weather was all over the place that day just as I imagine this surfers body was after this wave.

Couldn't get down for the recent swell so here's a little head dip underneath the Gold Coast from cyclone tuni

Another afternoon of photography at the local. Riding my bike around the bush with my camera looking for new and different angles.

The current storm sweeping the Gold Coast

The Spit, Gold Coast

Probably the most taken photograph in South-East Queensland but it is for a reason. The pier is he main attraction but there is heaps of other angles in the area (stay tuned over the next few days). If you live on or near the coast you need to get down there to get one these shots in your folio.

Taken a couple months ago, this shoot was from the last time that the Gold Coast got a decent swell. It was extremely fun and memorable to surf but I wanted something remember the experience as well as getting what could have been a once in a lifetime image. Looking at all these images from that day gives me chills and I hope they do the same for you.

Gwongurai Fall, Lamington National Park, Gold Coast

They say nothing in life comes easy and this shot is no exception. I traveled out to Lamington National Park with @jackmorrisvisuals a couple of weeks ago to shot some water but I had no clue what I was getting myself into. Around a 2 hour drive, 8km, 3 hours hike later we got to what we thought was Chalahn Falls. It wasn't untill I got back home and started editing my photos when Jack messaged me to say we went to the wrong waterfall. Looking back at my photos, the drive and the hike was definitely worth it.

This is another shot from my trip down to Yamba with @t.b.photography_ . We travel from our camp site for the sunset but it didn't turn out that well. I managed to grab this shot about 10 minutes after the sun had set.

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