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Trying to sneak in some #SollyBabyBookClub reading during my lunch break and all he wants to do is gossip. Oh and on top of that, he had a blowout during a meeting. Ugh, coworkers πŸ™„

#3months Boom! πŸ’₯ #TheGreatOzMonths (and probably the last month I'll be able to hold this 14.5 lb chunker this way)

This is what you call the opposite of helping me change the sheets.

Dear LA mamas going a tiny bit crazy with this rain, I have two words for you....window markers πŸ‘πŸ½ (and wine 🍷)

Throwing it back to that time we spent the morning at @hedleyandbennett making smoothies with my dear friend @babyboybakery ❀️. I'm starting to prep for spring break so I'm loading up on a few of @babyboybakerykids we-cook kits to keep my little sous chef stay busy. And if you have a little one, let me know! Maybe we can have a smoothie making party πŸ“πŸŒπŸŠπŸΉ

I can't help but look at this pic and think, "I made those toes! (All 20 of them!! Even though Ozzy's hiding 5 of them cause he's a sneak like that) πŸ™ŒπŸ½"

Ozzy's warm belly would like to thank @finnandemma for designing a footie pajama with snaps across the crotch. #Brilliant

Dear 20-year-old self, yeah yeah yeah...you had 3 Valentines trying to conquer your heart, received endless gifts and flowers, looked pretty good in that dancer bod and the biggest decision of the night was how to juggle the three dates....your 34-year-old self would like to let you know that you're now exhausted, have newborn baby slobber on your shoulder, and the dancer bod has diminished to a twinkle in your eye BUT you somehow managed to score 3 Valentines this year too and they all own your heart a million times over.

My little love photobombed by a 🌸

Mondays 😴 (someone please bring me lunch!)

Two headed Mermaid! (Ozzy be like, "whaaaaas up???")

πŸ’ πŸ’