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Pushkala Laxminarayan Gaudham  India | Dubai | I pause to smile and click on the go! :) Chasing dreams one shot at a time | 😁 | #whilechasingtheclouds #iTraveliBecome #HappilyEverPG


When the city skyline makes your heart soar with joy, that is the best thing. 😍 #tw #mydubai #onlyindubai #skypainters

I may have been keeping my nose to the grindstone so much recently that I've completely forgotten about the other side of myself. And it's slowly eroding my confidence, spirit and the ability to be truly happy.
Universe, Send some encouragement and positivity this way, please.
I need a sign that things are on track to exactly what I'm wishing for. I'll do my best to remain inspired and hopeful about this because I believe the surer you feel about a happy ending, the sooner you will have it! #tw

It doesn't matter what you think. #tw

This boy sure knows how to flatter me! He shows up at the airport with a bouquet, every time I happen to travel alone. (Reason enough to travel alone, me thinks 😜)
I believe every girl deserves to be delighted by flowers, despite the fact that they wither and are quite expensive! But hey, they make us feel special. Isn't that worth more?
You know, there's something about airports and flowers. Really, they can stop time and make my heart flutter! 😍

How can I not buy the very book that made me fall in love, with Jane Austen? 😍 With the cutest book cover that too. And what best time than now, to re-read this book? ~~~~
"Silly things do cease to be silly if they are done by sensible people in an impudent way".

Today, I took a stroll down the memory lane through the corridors of this place I called "my favorite school"! 😍
Now that I've finally "grown up", (after getting married and all 😜) the child in me appreciates the fact that I was blessed to be around the best people while as a kid. Some of the teachers from here has shaped me up to be the best of me! With the love of languages, books, places, people, travel, dogs... This is where I started with writing (what I call as "funny") poems and stories. Much to the annoyance of Amma who was forced to buy a lot of fountain pens and hero pens. And a lot more of inks and blotting papers! 😁

Sometimes you just gotta find an old road and go where it takes you. And be amazed! #tw

One must always take the scenic route. #tw

Just another regular day where everyone minds their own business.. #tw

Faith is scenic. #tw

Palm fruit / Panai Nongu / Ice Apple. I tell you, these simple little things are what makes life beautiful. 😍 #tw

Well, we have dealt with just 31 days. Hey 2017, Could you kindly tone down the drama, may be? Please. #tw