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Pushkala Laxminarayan Gaudham  India | Dubai | I pause to smile and click on the go! :) Chasing dreams one shot at a time | 😁 | #whilechasingtheclouds #iTraveliBecome #HappilyEverPG


Penne a la vodka! πŸ˜‹ With a glass of sinful Vodka-Redbull, on the side. That's how we bring in the weekend or date-nights at home. Stylishly, I know! 🍸
People, you need to make this pasta at home. Even if you’re not a multi-talented super-chef, you can still make this delicious pasta and impress your family and friends. And trust me on this, be (very) generous with the Parmesan. Always. (Pasta recipe, in here / swipe to see more: https://youtu.be/8sUy3f8XJFE )

Not in the pink of health over the last few weeks. And the hot weather isn't helping either. Despite all the craziness around, I find peace in my kitchen. Crazy as it sounds, the aroma, the splutter, the splash.... That's completely therapeutic! 😍 Made batches of flavored iced teas and our summer-thirst is sorted for the next couple of days. Yay!
#BlueberryLemonIcedTea #OrangeMintIcedTea #OhHoneyNoSugarPlease #DiceItIceIt #IcedTeaIsHotYeah

Anytime of the day is salad-time!
It's summer and the fridge is full of strawberries! Then my date-for-life (may be!) brings home a bag of mangoes that he found on a super deal! And we both love salad bowls. 😍
Mangoes / Strawberries/ Pom Pearls / Fresh Orange Juice / Lime Zest / Honey. Tada! 😍 Perfect pop of colors and a good dose of vitamins! And yeah, we almost licked our bowls clean. πŸ˜œπŸ˜‹ #tw

If you find a guy who knows how to say it with flowers, marry him. Well, now you know why I married mine! 😍 #tw

Growing old is fun. Especially when you have a family that cheers you up with such yummazing birthday cakes with an attitude! Even when you are too sick to blow out candles, they sing for you. 😍
(Hey Viral, you chose a wrong timing to follow me this time around. 😐)

So this is what love in a salad bowl would look like! 😍 True love is the reference pic on the left frame. Mine is far from perfection. πŸ™Š

Recipe Courtesy: @ranveer.brar #loveisfoodfoodislove

So, have we solved the secret of happiness? "I believe so," he said

Are you going to tell me? "Yes.Ready?" Ready. "Be satisfied." That's it? "Be grateful." That's it? "For what you have.For the love you receive.And for what God has given you." That's it?

He looked me in the eye.Then he sighed deeply. "That's it". Re-reading this gem of a book, after so many years. 😍 #MitchAlbom ~ Have a Little Faith: a True Story.

Cheers to new beginnings and prayers for more blessings! πŸ’πŸ™πŸ» #tw

When the city skyline makes your heart soar with joy, that is the best thing. 😍 #tw #mydubai #onlyindubai #skypainters

I may have been keeping my nose to the grindstone so much recently that I've completely forgotten about the other side of myself. And it's slowly eroding my confidence, spirit and the ability to be truly happy.
Universe, Send some encouragement and positivity this way, please.
I need a sign that things are on track to exactly what I'm wishing for. I'll do my best to remain inspired and hopeful about this because I believe the surer you feel about a happy ending, the sooner you will have it! #tw

It doesn't matter what you think. #tw

This boy sure knows how to flatter me! He shows up at the airport with a bouquet, every time I happen to travel alone. (Reason enough to travel alone, me thinks 😜)
I believe every girl deserves to be delighted by flowers, despite the fact that they wither and are quite expensive! But hey, they make us feel special. Isn't that worth more?
You know, there's something about airports and flowers. Really, they can stop time and make my heart flutter! 😍

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