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Puscifer & Caduceus  Nutritious Comfort Food of the Indie Ent, AZ VINOphile & Foodie Arena. Check in here 2 see thru the eyes of Maynard J Keenan Puscifer & Caduceus.


Attn VSC members. Now would be a good time to check out the VSC Members Only tab on Caduceus.org. Along with several new VSC wines, we are offering a few rare bottles of Judith from a previous vintage. VSC Members only, for a limited time. #velvetslippersclub #arizonavigneronsalliance
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R&D. Velvet Slippers Club 2014- Marzo Sangiovese, Buhl Sangiovese, Zarpara Monastrell, Buhl Mourvedre. @licoricelust @kindredarizona @timwhite7

So very very proud of Jacob Shoop, Mason County Central Spartan Wrestler. Michigan H.S. State Champ. MCCs 4th ever champion. I had the privilege of witnessing the 2nd, Bob Cameron. Congrats Coach Jimmy Allen, MCC Spartans, and of course Jacob. @j_shoop1 @verdevalleybjj

Theres @licoricelust and then there's the rest of the universe. Compared to her all others humans fit neatly below. Our 5th Anniversary (Technically our 1 1/4 anniversary since we were hitched on leap year day.) #loveofmylife #vivalavulva22 "camera" work by @carinaround

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How to shut up a roomful of rambunctious sommeliers? Stun them with a tasting of Arizona wines. Yes, Arizona. There's gold in them there hills... or at least an enviable amount of limestone. @hawk_wakawaka showcased a stellar line-up ranging from picpoul to petit manseng, riesling to malvasia, and a range of not-Cab reds. When we think "marginal climate" we tend to think "cool." But marginal also means hot. And if this set of producers is any indication, they have that side of marginality under control. Exciting things to come. Really, exciting things ALREADY here.
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Some very cool wines in this line up. Very surprised at the quality and complexity of the Vino coming out of Arizona @sandreckonervineyard @odditywinecollective @hiddenhands @puscifer @kentcallaghan @doscabezas #thankyouforsharing @texsomiwa #texsomretreat

Good times.
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@vmorais_bjj @puscifer started off with a private lesson for my friend Maynard. Next up, the main seminar! Awesome to see him again.. #puscifer #tool #maybard #jiujitsu #cjj #bjj #camarillo #armhunter #davesnothere

This guy. #coconuts @jamesihaofficial Follow "us" at @aperfectcircle

Straight pimpin in celebration of the 1st womens featherweight championship bout @ufc @hollyholm @ironladymma #ufc208 LOOKOUT, WORLD. Here comes @criscyborg_mma @criscyborg !! congrats @spiderandersonsilva & @ronaldojacare #bjjforlife #yeshellokittyhasabooze

Miho is messing around with Logic in her makeshift couch pillow vocal booth while we wait to watch @ufc @hollyholm @spiderandersonsilva @bluemicrophones #holyfuckinshitdotcom @billyhowerdel @carinaround @matmitchell

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