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Tasha Lü  Adventure seeker Here, have a cocktail 🍸

Shall I pour you a tipple or two? 💁🏻‍♀️🍸

I’m back in Singapore from travelling in Europe with the Hendrick’s team, who’s got a cucumber?! 🥒

Once upon a time all of the Hendrick’s ambassadors went to Lisbon to attend the Turtleneck Club... 🐢

The Hendrick’s Ambassador workshop is over 🥒and I’m looking forward to coming back to Asia full of inspiration! 🤩

Need a break from staring at the computer screen. 🖥 Time for an Earl Grey Martini 🍸 Hendrick’s is infused with TWG Earl Grey tea leaves 🍁

Hendrick’s Gin created by Lesley Gracie, a great woman indeed! She is part alchemist, part liquid poet and today we celebrate #internationalwomensday 👩‍🔬

The Neonach Cocktail 🐟
There once was a fish who could talk
He wanted to learn how to walk
He got out from the sea
Fell right onto me
And I nearly died from shock 🙀

I had a wonderful time celebrating the wonderful hospitality industry in Bangkok during Bar Week! 🇹🇭 📷: @davidkitdave93 thank you! 🌹

In Bangkok today for the Cocktail Carnival!

Lesley Gracie is the brains behind everything we do at Hendrick's Gin. Last night in London she was named Distiller of the Year! 🌹

Creating some lovely TWG tea cocktails for a Hendrick’s High Tea at Sofitel Sentosa 🍃

First trip of the year was fantastic! Where to next I wonder?! 🧐