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Kimberly ✨  🎥 Actress, Entrepreneur |└A ✨ Love & Good Energy 💫 | Focused on building an empire. Philippian's 4:13 🙏🏼


The best things in life don’t come easy for a reason.. the obstacles and walls put in front of you are there to keep the weak people out! There’s a reason only a few people have the life they want, they know it’s not going to be easy but they know it’s going to be worth it! Get clear with your life and with what you truly want out of it. Don’t let people tell you what you deserve and don’t deserve. Make up your mind, put in the work and don’t look back 🔥

This year has been so amazing. Making the decision to follow the entrepreneur route has been one of the scariest, yet best decision I have ever made. There is so much I have learned, yet one thing that really sticks out to me is our belief system.
It is easy to say we believe in ourselves, but when things get tough can we really say doubts don’t over step our belief? I am thankful to have a mentor and team who believe in me and remind me about this. But it actually impacts me more knowing that there are so many people out there that have so much potential, if only they believed in them a little more, would not be so afraid to step out of their comfort zone, would not be so close minded, and didn’t listen to negativity.
Just think at how different things would be if we focused on being open minded and positive about our choices and life.
So I just want to end the week with this: You were made uniquely- - for something special✨. You have the power to change your circumstance; take advantage of new opportunities, listen to your inner being, and pray about it! Love harder. Be kinder. I know you have what it takes to live the life of your dreams.
I want to help out individually so for anyone who wants to make a change, who wants a mentor, or have questions about life/business/ entrepreneurship, partnering up, or career choices, please dm me. (I’ll get back to you in a timely manner, as appropriate)
Goodnight 🌌

Focus on your goals honey 🍯

When I stopped making excuses, I started seeing results. 💎
Only you know your current situation. I don’t care about first not knowing how to do things because I know I can learn and have, and will work my a** off to be the very best at it! The hardest part is always getting started. We can’t do the same thing over and over and expect different results. #LetyourGrindmatchyourDream #DREAMBIG #EntrepreneurMindset #BossChicks #Mentorship #WomenInBusiness #Focused #BuildYourEmpire #DoItForYou

This weekend I got to meet the amazing @garyvee !!! At @complexcon. I was sooo excited!! Just LOVE soaking in his content (daily), but it was just awesome receiving personal advice in person ☺️. -
Thank you to my awesome friend @fatboyshrink.tv (who I will be working with- have been MIA but I promise I got some stuff cooking 😉) for bringing me. So proud of your growth! I have no doubt of the greatness that is to come.
For anyone seeking health/fitness & great content, go follow him and show some support now 🙌🏼
Lastly I will leave you guys with this quote that has been resonating with me daily. “Small minds discuss people, great minds discuss IDEAS 💡”. 😉
#Entrepreneurship #Business #Mentorship #Knowledge #WorkForIt #NeverStopGrowing

Pink Carpet for my first PHP #PinkParty 🎀 Thankful to be part of @phpladies and be able to give back 💓 #BreastCancerAwarenessMonth #SaveTheTatas

Just thankful 💕✨✨🙆🏻

Life is as beautiful as you make it! 🌸🥀💫🌻🌸 #TB to this awesome day (Itching to do another shoot & create something special soon!!) ☺️

Church moved me in such a deep way tonight. Super super thankful and ready for October! 😍🙏🏼✨
Btw: I started serving at my church @oasisLA #Oasis, if any of my friends would like to pop in and check it out with me, let me know! 😊

Girls compete with each other. Women empower one another 👑 my early #WcW #Womentrepreneur #Glamtrepreneur #BuildEachOtherUp 💖💖

The best is yet to come 🌻 #behappy #auditions #thankful #FeelsLikeFall 😊🍂

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