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Kimberly ✨  ‪└A ✨ ‪GOD ~ Light, love, EMPOWER, business. ‪Philippian's 4:13 🙏🏼

Sometimes all you need is 1-2 people who believe in you & your vision... and how BLESSED am I to have a whole team right beside me!! Business partners to family. ❤️ love u guys! And so excited for what’s coming.

5 days late but thank you thank you to everyone who wished me a happy birthday!! 😘🎉

Sometimes we pray for blessings and then reject them when they don’t come in the exact color, or packaging we expected them to come in.
If we only let GO and let God decide, maybe things would be much more than we prayed & imagined them to be. 💫 #Blessed #grateful #purpose #light #vision #glamtrepreneur #HappyFriday 💞

The beauty of taking risks is that even though we may fail, we will fail forward. I am truly convinced that the best life is waiting for us past our comfort zones.
Keep growing, keep dreaming, keep improving. The world needs the best version of you 🌷#Reinventingyourself

My rock.
My mom is my best friend. She is the woman who raised me giving me the best example of what a relentless, hard working woman is. She gave me everything a girl could wish for. She’s the one who set the first example of what an entrepreneur is and always gave my dreams LIFE alwayssss being my #1 fan.
I remember when I competed for Miss El Salvador USA in 2010. I was 17 years old and just starting my modeling career. The night I won I was elated, seeing all my months of hard work pay off. But when I saw my mothers face and how proud she was and how much she was crying.... That meant EVERYTHING to me.
I immediately broke down in tears with her. That crown was for her.
Im thankful that now I am growing into the woman God planned me to be, aligning everything and through faith has put me in the right direction with the right mentors.
Now I’m doing everything I can to give back to her and be put in a position where I can make all the dreams she hasn’t been able to experience, a reality.
When things get hard, I look at her and I am reminded why. I love you mami ❤️ What is your why? #MorethanMe #Mylove #bestfriend

If you risk nothing, you will risk everything.
The best life is waiting for you outside of your comfort zone 👠✨✨ #Glamtrepreneur #Latina #Associations #OnAMission #DreamBigger

Business of building people. You can’t change the world by yourself 🏆
#Business #Visionaries #Faith #Love #Family #Entrepreneurship

Movie in 3,2,1 🎥
My trip to Texas was AMAZING!! Houston, to Dallas. To train the trainers, learning from the best builders in the INDUSTRY. To partying with the leaders and amazing associations at @patrickbetdavid VIP after party.
I work hard so I can make the best memories with the people I love. ❤️ This is just the beginning 🙌🏼✨✨🙏🏼 #travel #LifeofAnEntrepreneur #LevelUp #Associations #WorkEthic #Training #Finance #Equity #BuildingEntrepreneurs

Big dreams, clearer vision, better me. 🙏🏼
#Transformation #GameTime #LevelingUp

I have been wanting to visit here for yearssss and this weekend I am finally going to be able to! 😊
First stop is #Houston , finally will be able to visit my family, sight see and learn how to run a Million dollar businessssss from this amazing #Salvi power couple ~~> @rodolfophp .
And then to #Dallas to get One on One #mentorship from multi six and seven figure earners and the bessttttt CEO in the world @patrickbetdavid !!! Can’t wait to party at his new mansion with amazingggg people 💃🏻💃🏻💃🏻
I’m sooo excited! Where else can you go to get mentorship from multiple millionaires? 😉
Let this year’s traveling begin 😍😍✈️✈️🌍 #Spoiled #Texas #TrainTheTrainers #PBD #BestIndustry #BestCompany #Travel #MillionDollarBusiness #NextStop 🙏🏼

Our convention last year was so much fun, cannot wait to go into this convention with BIGGER surprises and Kevin Hart!
Who wants to come to Vegas and be spoiled and learn about business ?! I have a few tickets left ☺️🎉💃🏻
#KevinHart #Business #Entrepreneur #BeYourOwnBoss #Vegas

Our brains are naturally wired to give up. We are living in era of instant gratification - where everything is at a click of our finger tips. 📲
💥The best things in life always take time. Giving up makes you lose more than you can imagine!! You will never know what next week will bring. Instant success is a myth , or simply does not last! The most successful people have failed multiple times- but there is a moment of breakthrough that will give you the life of your dreams. .
•So have in mind your ultimate result. And visualize yourself already there 🙌🏼🥇
• Remember why you started. It is an adventure- make the journey worthwhile. Enjoy the journey of the person you are becoming 🧗🏻‍♀️🦋
• And no matter what, sell out! Tomorrow is never promised , Give it all you got 🙏🏼💫 #OnAMission

The dream is free, the hustle is sold separately 💸💸💸 #DreamBigger #lessExcuses #Ambition #Vision #Clarity = #Sexy

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