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Pursue Her  Founder- @reddgolongjr. A man's perspective on pursuing the Godly woman. Biblical manhood| Raising the standard| The gentleman's guide| #PursueHer

Don't pray for someone you're not prepared for. Many times we ask God for things that we haven't taken the time to get ready for when He sends it. Prepare and pray! #Like #Share #Pursueher

If he pursues you consistently and faithfully, then it shows that he's really into you. If he doesn't, then maybe he's not that into you. 🤷🏾‍♂️ #HarshTruth #LateNightThoughts #Like #Share #Pursueher

You may have thought a man wasn't right, but maybe he just wasn't right for YOU. The right woman will bring out everything right in a man. #Pursueher #Like #Share

Don't get it twisted, there are still mighty men of God out there and they are not looking to play games or mess around! The real Kings are the men that want to put a ring on it! #Pursueher #Like #Share

Your body belongs to God! And to your partner in marriage! Stop letting other people get sacred privileges. #Pursueher #Like #Share

You never want to find yourself in a place where God isn't. Your relationship with them should be based off of your relationship with Him. You must seek God first and let Him be the focal point of it all. #Like #Share #Pursueher

Things may be rough right now, but continue through the process. God is just removing what shouldn't be so that you can shine brightest! #Like #Shine

If a man isn't really working for it, then he must not really want it. In order to want something, you've got to go get it. If a man can't show that he's in pursuit, then his drive is empty. #Like #Share #Pursueher

Happy Monday! Every situation you've been through has been a testament to the fact that God is able to deliver! And if God brought you through it then you should be seasoned and mature enough to get over it. Getting through and getting over go hand in hand. Don't stay where you are, get through it and then get over it! #Like #Share #Pursueher

Love yourself and all that God has created you to be. When you're satisfied with that fact, it won't matter if other people like you or not. Be delivered from public opinion and embrace everything about yourself! You're not perfect, but you were made by a perfect God. #Like #Share #Pursueher

Past experiences don't happen by accident but on purpose. Everything you went through was for a reason and it taught you how to handle things moving forward. Always trust God and allow Him to order your steps, His ways are never wrong. #Like #Share

Consider this: you may never be connected to the right one until you move into the right position. Until you get to where you need to be, you'll never reach what's yours. #Like #Share

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