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Have you ever realized you did something wrong and didn’t want to apologize? Or worse, you justify why you are right?
I’ve done that all my life and still to this day can do it. The difference is when im wrong, I try to make it right or apologize and try never to do the wrong again. There is power in that. I wouldn’t have had my friendship with my buddy hugh here if I hadn’t done so. I was in the wrong.
Who do you have to clean the past with?

Have you ever over done anything? Like eating too much, working too much, drinking too much?
I tried achieving balance all my life and now comfortable in know there is no such thing. There’s swings. There’s ups and downs just like a heart rhythm ❤️

Time is the most valuable resource we have...
...and yet we waste almost all of it. If you ask me if I’ve ever wasted time? I’m GUILTY. But I’m making my time more proficient by saying no to the people who waste my time. No to the jobs that are unfulfilling. No to food that gives me a sugar or emotional hang over.
I’m even modeling after the people who have what I want. Some free, some paid.
Time on reflection is never a waste of time if you use it productively
If you want more and find it valuable the answers to your questions, show your patriotism and become a true fan. Link is in my bio

@skie276 asked how to beat depression...here is my tip!

Let me tell you about selfies...I personally think they are silly and people get way to obsessed over it. This seems hypocritical to most to then post this up, but I had a discussion with someone on how you stop truly caring on your hair, you do less, and it turns out, it looks better. I think the same goes with selfies. But I just don’t want to do them, so this maybe the last one you see on this page

This masquerade ball was a great time to speak about masks. There are certain times to wear certain masks. We all do it consciously or unconsciously. The difference is, now I know there are times when to unmask and be my true self.

This is what I found works to stop negative thinking as an action step. Doing this won’t miraculously change your life but it will be small steps to an empowering life

Nothing worth having in life is free. You pay with your time, you pay with your freedom, or money. There are trade offs to the actions one takes every day. What trade offs are you willing to have?

It’s a universal need of the soul. These cats need a home and part of @philadoptables and as an adoptee myself, this is what I could contribute what was given to me. A second chance and a new life. I was chosen by my parents. Literally. I don’t plan on wasting that

@skie276 asked to share success on when things seem too unsurmountable...try doing this instead💪🏼

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