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ashley glorioso  stylist/creative consultant contact//pursenbootsag@gmail.com

mother's day is eh for me but i got a coupla hairy daughters to make it all aight!

hi still alive still have a clamp stuck on me somewhere k bye

monday mourning

buzzed biking in your own apartment isn't as easy as you think it is🚫🥃🚲 #themostgraceful

every time i borrow jewels from @arikkastan i don't want to give them back and then i remember she has my credit card number so.......

'tis the season to be shooting that season🎄

just FYI, i rage superrrr hard at music festivals, so if you're looking for someone to pop off with, look no further!

⛓wrist sitch⛓

12:30. my apartment. with all the friendz. @zoeygrossman @kalikennedy @sylvia_wheeler @tripdephill @frida_aasen⚡️


call me lebowski. i also love white russians.🎳

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