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It’s time to get back to the #pariswithpursebop series 🇫🇷
I will walk you through the prices and handbag math from our shopping escapades —but first did you take note of box #2 from Paris... details are at the end of part III 😆— my parents were successful at FSH too 🙋🏻‍♀️ the box has made home from DC but I can’t open it till my birthday 🎂 — any guesses welcome, as I have no idea at all 🙈 it’s sealed with so much tape there is no hope of a sneak peek 🙊 Catch up with LINK IN BIO and stay tuned for Part 4 🛫 #louisvuittonluggage #hermesreveal #hermesfemme #goyardtote

New Update —✨... tell me just how fairy tale are Harry and Meghan 💕 collage made by @peachsy — they are every Disney scene to the T💍
Just published another update on Meghan’s first appearance as a couple, LINK IN BIO #royalwedding #meghanmarkle

👑 New Post 🇬🇧
The Royal Wedding—A Fashionista Fairytale
Join our London correspondent Chloe as she takes you through the ins and out of the style on display at the royal wedding, with insight from fashion-savvy Londoners along the way 💍 So excited about this article — new photos just released by the palace included ✨ compare and contrast the Royal looks —Who’s dress did you like better? 👸🏻 LINK IN BIO Meghan Markle or Kate Middleton 🙋🏻‍♀️
Photo courtesy Getty Images/Pop Sugar #royalwedding #royals #meghanmarkle #princeharry

When your prince brings home tulips to match your new Kelly but forgets the cream cheese for the bagels I sent him to @wholefoods for 😳☺️ Good morning beautiful people —May your day be bright and happy—meanwhile we’ll have peanut butter on our bagels 😂😂😂🤣 Happy Sunday 👸🏻✨ #ilovemyman #heboughtmeflowers #hermeskellysellier28 #hermestadelaktleather #hermesroselipstick #ermesfemme

✨ pretty things, happy warm mood 💕 —I’m still reveling in the fairytale moments of the #royalwedding 👸🏻💍 and in honor of the magical moments, I thought I’d break out my sparkly Cinderella sandals from Paris for my own date night ♥️ with my prince 👑 you can read part III —the related story with LINK IN BIO #renecaovilla #pariswithpursebop #chanelpvcbag #chanelboybag #chanelspringsummer

Congratulations to the most real royals 💍✨ Harry and Meghan you’ve won our hearts 💕 We were up at 4:30 am — MR PB brought tea to bed ☕️ I confess I took out our @versace china to mark the event (see stories) and we had stroopwafels 😋 I am such a royal enthusiast — I guess it’s the Canadian 🇨🇦 in me. #happywedding #somethingbeautifultocelebrate #royalwedding #princeharry 👑

Daytime shenanigans — they say... birds of the same feather flock together 🐦 Happy weekend all... Are you going to a royal wedding watching party 💍👑 ?  What bag are you bringing?#hermesfemme #hermesbirkin30 #hermesbluehydra #hermesetoupe #hermesnoir

🍊 New Post —
PurseBop Storytime: The Bag That Got Away?
It’s time for a little exchange of regrets— is there a bag you passed up on and wish you had not 😬 Click LINK IN BIO & read story prompt and then tell us what which bag you regret not getting? We would love to share your stories on our site so feel free to email us or share on Boptalk at PurseBop.com. Details are in the article — come on, don’t be shy... let’s hear your bag regrets below ⤵️ #pursebopstorytime #hermesfemme #hermesbirkin

Double trouble 👛👛 Tadelakt x 2 = ♥️ Full story at PurseBop.com, LINK IN BIO #hermesfemme #nofilter #hermeskellysellier28 #hermesroselipstick #hermesrougevif #kelly28

After all Part III is called— “A Tale of Two More Hermès Kellys” —this impromptu photo session in the window sills of our hotel might be my favorite of all. We only had our iPhone cameras but lots of excitement and zeal in our hearts ♥️ I hope you enjoyed all the photos I shared in Part 3 — LINK IN BIO to article — which is your favorite of all? I officially declare #pursebopsgonekellycrazy 😜 AGAIN
It seems lately all I can dream of is Kelly’s 🙈 Dare I ask at the moment are you a B or K fan and why 🙋🏻‍♀️ Happy hump day my beauties 🍰

🌸 Hermès Sale Updates 🌸
Tomorrow is the Toronto sale—Paris is in a few weeks, details, reviews, tips and what you can buy— all in the recap article, LINK IN BIO .
If anyone has updates from the sale LIVE, please share in the Boptalk thread at PurseBop.com and tag us at @boptalk @pursebop 🙋🏻‍♀️👛 photo from the VCA #ahlambraday photos from a few posts ago 💠

#hermessale #hermesbirkin25 #hermesbubblegum #minibirkin #birkin25 #hermesparissale

Part III: The Reveal 👛
. “When my Sales Associate returned to our private enclave with a new box… my heart virtually stopped —perhaps even literally. Time to lift the lid, remove her cover and reveal the cause of all the oohs, aahs and gasps of delight — this perfect Rose Lipstick Kelly 28 in shiny Tadelakt leather. She seriously glowed: mesmerizing, bright in a tender way, deeply saturated rose in a feminine way. None of us in the room knew the color of hardware and just as the bright gold twinkled, my heart resumed a normal rhythm. The bright gold against this rosy pink appeared majestic, royal, a sort of dressed-up pretty. Quite honestly, it’s near impossible to describe and no photograph I have taken does her proper justice...” read on at PurseBop.com, LINK IN BIO 💕 excerpts from Part III: A Tale of Two More Hermès Kellys ✨🇫🇷🍊 #hermesroselipstick #hermeskellysellier28 #hermestadelakt

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