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jordynn  follow me if u want to live

ok i’m ready for fall weather now

my fluffy bois

what the flip is up?

i can’t believe this photo is almost a year old :o

i hope you all had a great weekend 💖 what games have you been playing?
@rhongeremi and i have a pizza, fortnite, and hot tub date tonight and it’s all i can think about 😝

this is my boy phrieza. he is a gud boi.

i don’t know what to post anymore D:

wish win. string lights 😍 i paid $26 including the shipping and it arrived in 3 days. it covers my entire wall 💕💕

who else loves sly cooper? c:
i’m trying to get @rhongeremi to play through the series with me .

thinkin’ about how peacefully i sleep at night with no drama in my life🌸😝

• what are you playing today?

i haven’t been gaming as much lately, but i have been watching a bunch of anime! i started attack on titan yesterday and it’s so emotional, it gave me nightmares last night lolol. it’s becoming an addiction :p
what’s your favorite anime?•
i’ve asked this before for recommendations but i had to restore my phone and lost my watch list😢

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