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jordynn  lame & lewd


it’s pixel riiiick! :3

in need of creative inspiration for minecraft 👾 what should i buildd

sunday morning 🌞 which one would you pick to play out of these 3?

if you realize that you’re lost in a story, that you’re disconnected.. celebrate. you have just woken up from an ancient dream. you have stepped out of millions of years of conditioning. there is no destination in presence, no image of ‘success’ to live up to. you are unique, your journey is wholly original.

when you start comparing, you devalue your own unique, irreplaceable gifts, talents and truths and disconnect from your present experience. don’t compare this moment with any image of how it could, should, or might have been.

after midnight we could feel it all
i’d go anywhere you want to

where are my rick and morty fans? 💖 do you have a favorite episode? :D

paw pads are so cute

charmanders are red
squirtles are blue
if you catch my heart
i’ll be your pikachu 🙈

almost 2 am.. playing some sims 4 😋 what are you up to?

pain isn’t the real problem, the problem is our thinking about pain, our resistance to discomfort, our attempt to escape it all. the real problem begins when we start ruminating on our pain, our sadness, our fears, our anger. we chew on yesterday’s and tomorrow’s sorrows, rather than directly exploring and experiencing today. come out of the past and future and meet life in the raw, right now, without judgement. meet the moment in its own terms, see it all as a gift. show up, for the pleasant and unpleasant, the pleasurable and the painful, without an agenda 🌸

apparently fable 4 is currently in development by playground games (the company who made forza) what kind of things would you like to see in a new fable? 💖

• it leads you here despite your destination, under the milky way tonight🌸

• what’s your favorite mario kart track? 🌸
mine is waluigi pinball on the ds <3

which game would you like to see remastered? 🌸

good morning. double booty :3

1 or 2? ready for KH3?

just a pile of kitties on my @technisport chair :)

blahhh. i can never sleep.

best ps2 game?


whenever i saw the sun, i reminded myself that i was looking at a star.. one of over a hundred billion in our galaxy. a galaxy that was just one of billions of other galaxies in the observable universe. this helped me keep things in perspective.

i dunno 🤷🏼‍♀️

what game are you most excited for in 2018?

one sleepy boi

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