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Catnap Whisper  ✨🔮🐱🐰🌻♌️🎙🎶🌙✨

age 5ish with a box full of stuffed cats sitting next to my real cat Meep

Pook’s tiny paw prints to keep forever💜

“Of all Mysteries, death is the most profound. ... Each time we come into a body, we are completely alive. No moment is wasted or unimportant. Sleeping or waking, alone or in companionship, in joy and even in suffering, we are fully committed to being present. So when the time comes to leave that body, the life lived in it is complete. Whether that time was brief or long doesn’t matter. We leap forward into the infinite, leaving the dear old body behind. The next life awaits.”
💔missing Pook
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Our beloved Pookie crossed over the rainbow bridge peacefully in her sleep this morning. I was laying by her side, just as she wanted. For 17 and a half years she was my best and closest friend. She came into my life when I was only eight, and we grew up together. She slept on me every night and waited for me at the door every time I came home. She brought endless joy and laughter into my life, comforted me when I cried, snuggled me and gave me love everyday, and I returned that love to her. I will miss her forever, but I couldn’t be more thankful that we got to be together in this life. She was the most perfect kitty. My familiar. The best friend I’ve ever had. Rest in the sweetest peace, Angel. 🌈💖

oh hey

💡somewhere in Maine .
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after our little birthday getaway vacation and all the excursions included, I don’t know what to say other than that nobody has ever made me feel so loved and so special. my constant laugh-inducer, my best friend, my love. @michaelandrewphillips 🍞💖 you are everything :’)

bringing home a new friend from my vaca with @michaelandrewphillips 😍 #capybara


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