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PurplehazyGirl  Lingerie lurker and experimenter. 30 something bird, Melbourne 🇦🇺 Lingerie emoji campaigning!! Mama to ‘The Bump’ as at 18 November 2017


Off to show the bump to my work mates and a first visit out beside down the road. It’s nice to fit into some of my pinup outfits again!! #pinupfeels #bumpoutandabout

This is pretty much all I can wear over my nips at the moment, lace is a no go but things are getting there and the new normal is happening slowly. I am looking forward to a new Christmas tradition this year as travelling the 7 hour drive to my parents isn’t ideal so it will actually be my first Christmas spent in Melbourne since moving over 7 years ago!! #instamas #LingerieChristmasCountdown Thanks to @kittendelace for starting the Xmas tag!!! 😘❤️

Cupid draw back your bow....Another gorgeous nursing AP set from back in the day with some knickers that suck the wobbly bits in as they heal and stretch back into shape. My belly button is back to being an inny however she has stretched a little but hopefully won’t take too much work to restore her to her former glory. In the meantime high waisted knickers are my best friend!! xx S #highwaistedknickerarelife #maternitylingerie

Hey ya’ll thanks for being patient while I was awol having the bump and making sure she is thriving. For those that missed it, the bump (Aka Scarlett) came three weeks early on 18 Nov. we are both doing well and things are settling after a meltdown or two. My nips are still feeling sad and sorry for themselves but we are learning many new things and it’s a trip to think the tiny human was inside me!! I do feel like I ran a marathon with my lady bits but turns out I can endure some tough shit and still make it to the other side. We have a long road together but I’m up for the challenge. I hope to still continue to post but might just be less frequent as priorities change. I will be on here still creeping everyone else so keep the awesome posting up!!! Shout out to my girls @whatagem.lingerie and @roseanna.mae for flying the #onmondaysweweardita flag😊😘 You give me life!!

HO VAULT Alert Late Edition.....For a bit of Friday fun, I'm going to give you a little Elvis trivia of some of my favourite songs, since there are soo many 🎙 Some of you won't care but others might learn a little along the way!!
This song is one of the gorgeous 50s songs that traps you in a haze of smooth dulcet tones delivered by the one and only. Makes me want to scream for more right along side those girls in swing skirts and bobby socks. -
🎶When you looked into my eyes
I stood there like I was hypnotised
You sent a feeling to my spine
A feeling warm and smooth and fine
But all I could do was stand there paralyzed
When we kissed, ooh, what a thrill
You took my hand and, ooh baby, what a chill
I felt like grabbin' you real tight
Squeeze and squeeze with all my might
All I could do was stand there paralyzed🎶
Elvis Presley recorded 'Paralyzed' in 1956 as track 3 on his legendary album ‘Elvis’. The song was written by Otis Blackwell with credit for Presley too.
#paralyzed #fridaytrivia #hovault #flashbackfriday

Can I just say although I’m not actually heading to the beach in this amazing @wearesilentarrow set, it’s making me feel gorgeous with the bump and all 😊 The set is super comfortable and tailors to loads of sizes...plus ruffles!!! The back clip is adjustable which is ingenious as there is nothing more annoying then the back of a bikini riding and I adore the straps from some of my favourite lingerie @wearesilentarrow styles being incorporated!! This is going to definitely get some wears this summer when Melbourne finally gets with the program!! #swimwear #wearesilentarrowswim #37weekspregnant

I’m so excited and proud to be included as some phenomenal art by @staywasted for the @darkcraftcollective exhibition #vixenofthenight in Brisbane on 8 December from 6-10pm alongside some of my favourite women on IG
@kittenlebow @arachnie @nipnipss @pennysterlingsyd @violet.femmes @jesamiefloss @jacqueline_furey
Yep that’s my booty right there on Elvis’ face 😊 The money raised for this special event goes towards @brisbaneperiodproject who provide women in need with free sanitary kits. Go check me out in 3D and purchase some pieces!! Please visit @darkcraftcollective for more information!!

Few more days of work and then I’m a free agent!! Well not quite the bump is still on board and I’m assuming when she arrives the real work begins!! Hope you are all having a fab Tuesday. #bumplife

It has been 1 year today since the Brisbane lingerie community started getting their @positivelyglittered on. I was lucky enough to join in the last two times (April and September) it happened. The day is always about slathering oneself in glitter, supported by some wonderful women, everyone just doing their own thing and coming together to celebrate our bodies. There is no judgement, no pressure and no need to feel like you fit in, just bring yourself, meet some wonderful women and then take a keepsake away to remember forever. The wonderful woman @busty_diaries who is the main organiser of these events, has written a blog post about the events and why it was started. Go and have a read to understand and find out the facts!! Link is in my bio. #positivelyglittered 📷 @nocturne_images @jillkerswillphoto @wattshianne

Getting some ‘ho’ing in before I have to hand over the room to the bump haha honestly it was actually my lingerie room before conversion so I figure I own it until she has some awareness 😉 This number goes out to @nipnipss who passed on this sweet bodysuit that does actually fits the bump...just...but I won’t be wearing it long as I want to keep it for afterwards!!

HO VAULT Alert.....For a bit of Friday fun, I'm going to give you a little Elvis trivia of some of my favourite songs, since there are soo many 🎙 Some of you won't care but others might learn a little along the way!!
This track is one of the more depressing songs and I’ve chosen it as I saw Priscilla Presley last night discussing her life with Elvis. This song was written by one of Elvis’ close friends about when Elvis and Priscilla divorced. It is quite a sad song and is for the die hard fans. I can recommend Priscilla’s book ‘Elvis and Me’ as a great intense love story read if you are just starting out discovering Elvis the man. It’s not as heavy as some of the doco books such as Peter Guralnick’s but gives you a good insight into who he was as a person and his struggle from Priscilla’s perspective.
🎶Love has slipped away left us only friends
We almost seem like strangers
All that's left between us are the memories we shared
Of times we thought we cared for each other
There's nothing left to do but go our separate ways
And pick up all the pieces left behind us
And maybe someday, somewhere along the way
Another love will find us🎶
Elvis Presley recorded 'Separate Ways' in 1972 as a B-Side to ‘Always On My Mind’. The song was written by Red West and Richard Mainegra.
#separateways #fridaytrivia #hovault #flashbackfriday

Simple cottons and stretch today as my days slow to a crawl 😂 They actually go quick but my impatience grows even though I know I’m in for a rude shock when she arrives and will be wishing the bump was back! I’m at that stage where I feel like I’ve been bumping forever, surely she’s baked! 😉Apparently she has circled her way down and is in position I’m told, surely upside down can’t be comfortable but she seems content. Ps. I plan to get to my lovely comments soon and thank you for such kind words on my recent posts. #36weekspregnant #bumplife

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