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🌻 Racheel • TcYing  Azx 😽 ; 🇧🇳👉🏻🇲🇾👉🏻🇫🇷

Everything was not easy, but it eventually will become easier.
Though it makes me realize the passion that i thought i have, was just an interest that might not be enough to walk me until the end. #contemplatinglife #cheflife #France2017

A very Happy Birthday to the amazing lady i know. She is fearless, had gone through a lot of things in her life that were tough. Always being true to herself even if that means to put you down, and i'm thankful for a person like this to appear in my life. Best wishes for your future and always stay strong. 😘😘❤️

Every off day from work is something to be cherish with these people ❤️ Ps: The wind was 53mph *evenithinkimgonnabeblownaway



Even if it was a bad day, never give up because it was not the worst thing to happen to anyone.

I dont know what is the history behind this, but yeah just trying to be artistic to match the place 😊

It is all about couleurs, looks et taste.

[📸: @dewidwolf ]
[ 👗: @nongieee ]
Reaching in a big city, that speaks a different language, lives a different culture and away from my comfort zone is something big and incredible.
I'm greatful for the supportive family and friends! #Fighting

When the eagle square is not famous for the real eagle but this statue.

3D2N, everything has come to an end! The fun we had is something that is irreplaceble ☺️☺️

The bridge was shaking and so were my legs.

" To the future michelin Chef CY " - Them, besties @ low maintanence best friend. Thank you for the existence of you girls in Ma life, and stay until now. 💪🏻

Bye 2016 👋🏻 Thank you for treating me fairly well.
Nothing much has been achieve this year, execpt for unofficially finishing my degree, increase in experience both bad and good in life and continue being able to be love the people i want to and be love by people who are important to me. Guess that is actually quite a lot.
I really hope in 2017, it will be a good and full of achievement year. Soon to leave two lands that i'm most familiar with and start a completely different life. May hope and peace be with me and the people i love in my life 🙏🏻🙏🏻