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When you're truck is being used as the delivery truck for Pure Whitetail, there is no other option than @scentcrusher Ozone Go to crush this stank!!! - Josh

THE BOYS OF SUMMER... Our boys Cash, Tank, Grunt, and Bruiser have big mature bucks fired up all over the country!
See what you've been missing out on....summertime mock scrapes are very addicting and a great way to get inventory of your hunting area's potential!
Order our Ultra Premium Buck and our patent pending Caterpillar™ today at www.purewhitetail.com #purewhitetail #100percentpure #mockscrape #wearepurewhitetail #iampurewhitetail 📷 Rich Finn

Full velvet giant Illinois buck hitting a Pure Whitetail mock scrape! #wearepurewhitetail #mockscrape #100percentpure #purewhitetail

Team member Aaron Schoepke has got his Wisconsin bucks fired up with Pure Whitetail's Ultra Premium Buck!!! Pure Whitetail is the very best. PERIOD.

We're smack dab in the middle of summertime mock scrape season! Are you doing everything you can to prepare for this fall? If you've never tried mock scrapes in the summer you're truly missing out!
Get that extra advantage you've been looking for with Pure Whitetail's Premium Buck!
BUY NOW: https://purewhitetail.com/shop/pure-whitetail-buck-urine/
📷 Taylor Farrar

Team member Josh Pennington Livin' The P Dub Life!
The preparation for the season has always been our favorite part! Shooting our bows, scouting, hanging stands, and making summer time mock scrapes! The anticipation is addicting!
Get your summer time mock scrapes rocking with Pure Whitetail's Premium Buck! BUY NOW: https://purewhitetail.com/shop/pure-whitetail-buck-urine/

We had an amazing time at our 1st annual Pure Whitetail Staff Bash which was attended by approximately 400 members! The night was capped off by an incredible professional fireworks display!
We treat our staff like they deserve! If you would be interested in joining our staff send us a message right here on Facebook!

Pure Whitetail's Ultra Premium Buck Urine is the best of the best, the pinnacle, the absolute purest whitetail scent on the market!
Get those summertime mock scrapes rocking with the scents that the entire country is talking about!
Find out what all the buzz is about, BUY NOW: https://purewhitetail.com/shop/pure-whitetail-buck-urine/

Livin' The P Dub Life..... Are you obsessed with chasing whitetails??? Check out Pure Whitetail's line of products to help you smash that buck of a lifetime!!! www.purewhitetail.com 📷 Hunter Martin

When you work at a deer farm, that is producing the freshest most powerful deer scents on the market....
Who do you trust to keep you and your vehicle smelling FRESH?!?
Pure Whitetail puts their trust in no other product than @scentcrusher

For those about to mock, we salute you!
Our mock scrapes are absolutely rocking right now! If you've never tried summer time mock scrapes you're missing out!!! Get started with our Premium Buck and our patent pending Caterpillar™! BUY NOW: https://purewhitetail.com/shop/pure-whitetail-buck-urine/
📷 Arlen Butler

We'll be running four separate contests, this is number 2 of 4. We're given away over $2,000 worth of gear from some awesome companies, including Pure Whitetail!
JULY CONTEST: guess the total number of points Bruiser will have on July 31st. All ties will be broken by a random number generator.
Multiple guesses allowed. Each contestant must have liked our page and tag 5 friends for each guess to count.
The July winner will receive a new Scent Crusher gear bag and Pure Whitetail products!
GOOD LUCK! www.purewhitetail.com

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