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"SPELLBOUND": so, my amazing friend and head slut at @slutist @kristenkorvette wrote a motherfucking BOOK!!!! "Witches Sluts and Feminists" which will be available THIS WEEKEND at her celebration of all Things witchy slutty and femme "the Legacy of the Witch" starring many acts including @bootblacks @katlloydnyc and @marissa_nadler and @azizaamusic and many others, hosted by three bad witches @atevik @merboimalarky and @severelymame !!! So come and celebrate and support!!!! Then after stay for HEXXXE and dance to some spooky shit spun by ME @andi80s and @sybgj !!!! It's going to be a night NOT TO BE MISSED!!! All at @saintvitusbar THIS SATURDAY!!!! See you then witches!!!! πŸŒ›πŸ‘»πŸŒœ#slutist #witches #legacyofthewitch #kristinkorvette #hexxe #sluts #feminists #femme #spellbound #spooky #goth #metal #glam #occult

"I Kill with My CUNT": also finally got to see on the big screen the last ever 35mm screening of "Liquid Sky" a long time fave of mine!!! When I would go to parties as a teenager this was always playing on TVs in the background as atmosphere and inspiration... It was so great to see it with an audience and hear from the director Slava Tsukerman and the lead actress Anne Carlisle!!!! It's still as funny and inspirational and shocking as it was then! Thanks to @motionrotation and @_freebirdyeah_ for joining me!!! (And for letting me steal this photo from you!!!) (and for running into @markintheheart and @bcallabcalla !!!) AND he newly renovated @quadcinema is AMAZING!!!! Go check it out and support small independent cinemas showing classics and cult movies such as this!!!! #liquidsky #quadnyc

"The Filthiest People Alive!!": Took a trip to LaMama with @motionrotation and @_freebirdyeah_ To see "Lost Merchandise of the Dreamlanders" : a group of artists imagines what it would have been like if actual merchandise was made from the many John Waters movies! Fictitious Fantasy abounds with Halloween costumes, action figures and bedding! The attention to detail is INSANE especially to hardcore fans of Mr Waters movies! A New York luminary who was there with us exclaimed "This exhibit was better than the Whitney Biennial!!" And in a way, yes it was!!! Go see it!!! And scroll through my photos to see what your missing!!!! #johnwaters #dreamlandproductions #divine #divinetrash

"Knocking Them Cold in Black and Gold": I've been really loving GOLD a lot lately, I feel like it sets off my beard nicely and always makes me feel so opulent even when I'm broke!!!! (Which is ,like, always!!!) #purevile #previlecoven #purevile2017 #goldfinger

"Night Shift Sister": HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the MOTHER of us all....Siouxsie Sioux (aka Witchy Janet) Other than her music ,which has followed me my whole journey, without her I would never know how to do make-up!!!! To me she is the ULTIMATE Sartorial goth icon!!!! (Swipe through to see many of her lqqks!!!) Thank you for your music, beauty and strength!!! πŸ’™πŸ‘»πŸ’™

"These Dreams": FBF to 2008 when PUREVILE! Was still a baby but obviously many of my obsessions still carry though to the pieces I make today( swipe though to see them all!)! It's been a struggle and sometimes I compare myself too much to other people I know who started at the same time and who are "further along" than I am but as much as that plagues me what's most important is I'm doing something I dreamed of doing something I love and not compromising for anyone even if that means continually struggling because I'm doing what I love! Thank you all for all your support, thank you for making this all worth it...πŸ’™πŸ‘»πŸ’™

"Incubus/Succubus": so HONOURED to be playing the @slutist "Legacy of the Witch" afterparty HEXXE!!! Hosted by the head Slit herself @kristenkorvette!!!! I'll be DJing along side some legendary ladies @andi80s and @sybgj !!!! And go go by the sexy and lovely @cetaitbontemps !!! I can't wait to spin something dark witchy and dancey for you as well as cast some spells!!! JUNE 3rd at @saintvitusbar free before 12 with a ticket to the show or RSVP or $5 after!!! πŸ‘»SEE YOU ALL THERE!!!πŸ‘»

"Upstairs at Eric's": doing creepy things in sex shops with @la_voluda and @blackcoffee_ftw....helping install the blue velvet curtains I made for @narcissenyc !!! 56 yards of insanity!!!! πŸ‘»πŸŒ€πŸ‘»

"Arachne Rising": @johanna_constantine models her newly acquired PUREVILE! CHAIN WEB!!!! Made from various bits and pieces of chain and rosary and ephemera this piece is somewhere between a necklace and a piece of clothing! These can also be custom made so DM me if you're interested!!! #purevile #purevile2017 #previlecoven #purevilechianweb #spiderweb #spider #arachnid #johannacinstantine

"HAPPY WORLD GOTH DAY": as much as I kinda deny "it" and as much as I don't really consider myself "it"'anymore I will ALWAYS be a Goth..to kinda quote @clint.catalyst if you were goth, you will ALWAYS all be "Goth-Damaged"!!!! So kiss a bat and clean some cobwebs today!!! πŸ•·πŸ•ΈπŸ‘»πŸ•ΈπŸ•·

"Somewhere in the Night": getting my GAWF on with @justinash666 at "Procession" thrown by @jmhart...come get spooky in the smoke...πŸ‘»πŸ‘»πŸ‘» #nycgoth #spoopy #creeps #homesweethome #creepzilla #fogmachine

"Adventures in Fleamarketeering": it's been ALOT lately and today was a bit crazy BUT I did get a great haul from the flea...he "nice" weather brings better vendors and better stuff so I was happy for that!!! Tons of chains and rosaries and brooches and beads and a porcelain dolls head and a little nun doll for me!!!! Can't wait to make some magic with these goodies!!! #purevile #purevile2017 #adventuresinfleamarketeering #fleamarketfinds #fleamarket

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