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Ruby  Hardcore gamer and trophy huntress. I am not a model. NO DONATIONS, NO GIFTS, NO PATREON, NO SNAPCHAT, NO PREMIUM, NO SECRET COLLECTION OF NUDES.

Doily kitten!

Weird for me to give an non-game-related update but I got 2 new shirts today, this one (which I like a lot) and a see through one that made me go though one major wardrobe malfunction for the entire day but thanks to my other shirt (on top of the see through one) I managed to get away with it.

Now back to game related stuff:
- Still can't wait for Sekiro but as I roam around the net I see news such as "Activision talks about their upcoming samurai game", "Activision brings shinobis back with Sekiro" and "Activision talks about what's good about Sekiro" and I'd like to remember these news sites that I've bought Sekiro because FromSoftware is involved and that they don't really need to trigger my anxiety by remembering me about the Activision part of the deal...
- Waiting for Toejam and Earl devs to actually give a damn and patch the hell out of the game (even noticed what triggers the glitch and told them but they didn't even bother answering).
- Downloaded CoD MW remastered because it's free on ps store right now and the platinum doesn't require me to actually have any sort of contact with its toxic community.
- And last but not least instead of King's Field I ended up replaying Dino Crisis to satisfy my carve for old games just because the night before at work I've seen Jurassic Park.

Now this looks promising.

Yay, made in unity glitch galore here I come!

Little snow colored Ruby Kitten. Weirdly enough I couldn't get myself to warm up. I did turn on the heaters all the way up but I was still a shivering snowflake so here I am.

Toejam and Earl back in the groove is still glitched and I can't earn the platinum until they patch the flying presents trophy and the earthlings one.

For some reason I can't get myself in the mood to play DMC, I am more into some sort of NiOh mood (probably because of Sekiro releasing soon) or actually more like old school stuff which I'll probably end up bothering you guys with. So expect some kind of weird video of King's field or something popping out in your feed.

Toejam and Earl is the 2nd game I start that has the damn platinum glirched, the other one is Conarium. I hate when I have to leave games unfinished like this... Sigh.

Is that how it is? Hm hm *takes note*

I usually don't do it because I am not that kind of person but this time I WILL ban whoever comments like someone who rolled 1 on reading comprehension.

Wow, Sekiro is smaller then I though... It usually isn't a good first impression but knowing From Software I am sure they manage to satisfy my cravings using whatever size.

Platinum number 338: Metro Exodus

I would've enjoyed this much more if my save didn't get deleted towards the end making me redo most of the game ¬.¬
Also although this game is story heavy for a ln FPS I kinda dislike the endless one-sided dialogues that happen throughout the entire game... And the damn Van, gotta love the damn van.

Also Toejam and Earl back in the groove platinum is glitched so I need to wait for the devs to patch it out... Yay...

I love how many awesome kitten art are coming my way lately, and some of them are even on sexy/ecchi/hentai side which is always a plus in my book!

This one is from @zen_zerino who recreated a old picture of mine ^^ thanks a lot i love it!

Le Gasp! Look what I've found!

Actually, I did post this already where the hell did it end up to... Anyway, enjoy my Sucky voice and accent.

I feel like this is a truth that needs to be spread because this has to stop!

I've been living my entire life thanks to your money (although I have no idea how I am receiving them) and I've never shown my boobs on camera! (actually..) also my husband is the one playing even though I am into women lately so please stop supporting me!

And worst of all I am Romanian not Italian. I deserve to die.

Are still here? GO AND SPREAD THE TRUTH!

I am going back to metro, some moronic colleague deleted my save and I need to start all over... Caspian desert here I come again ¬.¬

Being a stealth perfectionist has its downsides as well. There is a trophy for spending 500 resources cleaning your weapons... The thing is my weapons never get dirty because I literally never used them on my ranger hardcore playthrough so now I am diving into water because that's the fastest way to get your weapon dirty... Sigh, it's going to take a while ¬.¬

AGAIN! I managed to make all my selfies blurry and or look terrible!

Enough! I am going back to gaming for a while. See why I am no model? Photos don't like me as much as I don't like them ¬.¬ Anyway what I am saying on the video is "Mannaggia a me" which means more or less "argh f**K me!" in a sweeter way and yeah that's Italian.

Yeah I know there is no sound, there was never meant to be sound. It was just a reaction vid.

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