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Ruby  Hi, I'm a Kitten. Gamer since I was 3, started with a Commodore 64. Amateur model for a friend of mine.


Snow Kitten!
As promised here's another photo with a different outfit. Kinda proud of this one I have to say that it came out better than what I expected.

Wrote a longer post on Facebook but I'm too lazy to copy and paste :P

#SnowKitten #NotSoPlainThisTime #DemSnowBalls #AmateurModel #HardcoreGamer #RedHead #pureruby87 #TheOppaiCarrierHasArrived

Most plain photo ever taken but that's probably because it has been a while since my last photo and because I'm not feeling too well.
I'll try again later maybe with a different outfit.

Kitten is taking a short break from the training course. The "school" closes for around 2 weeks so that's a bit of free time ^^ I asked my photographer if he can find a cool place (cool temperature wise) where we can take pics because my balcony is cute and everything but I'm getting tired of it :P

#pureruby87 #pureruby87IsAlsoMyPsnID #SinceYouKeepAsking #HardcoreGamer #AmateurModel
#RedHead #TheOppaiCarrier

New shirt for this trainee kitten!
It would be a very lovely day if it wasn't so damn hot :/ Been playing a bit of Leap of Fate a perma-death game I bought for 10€ and so far it's pretty interesting. I don't think I'll be able to make it my 302nd platinum anytime soon though... Oh btw, my phone makes photos look way too dark can't see a damn thing so... I just used a random filter... hope it's decent
#pureruby87 #amateurmodel #hardcoregamer #IWantMyGameTimeBack #redhead #oppai

Been very busy with my new job (prison officer). I'm studying a lot and training even harder so... yeah this kinda steals time to my gaming and photos.... sorry ^^" #prisonofficer #kitten #HardcoreGamer #RedHead #oppai

"Well now, that was a short-lived eye contact"

#YouRolled1 #SavingThrowFail #PureRuby87 #RedHead

Kitten's 1st outdoors photo!
Literally... just out of my door, on my balcony... but hey still counts as outdoors! Sorta... Right?
#PureRuby87 #outdoors #JustOutOfMyDoor #NotInterestedInTheRealWorld #BoringGame #UnafirGameplay

Sorry I've been very very busy lately and haven't posted much ^^" My photographer bought a new screen so he said lighting might be a bit off on this one and next one until he fine tunes his monitor again.

This is an old shirt that didn't fit anymore and now it does again thanks to a pair of scissors :P
#PureRuby87 #RedHead #HardcoreGamer #AmateurModel #RIPShirt #IMeanRippedShirt

Spring Kitten! With Green and butterflies!

Actually forgot to post this here yesterday >.> #PureRuby87 #AmateurModel #HardcoreGamer #SpringIsInTheAir #Finally #RedHead #Oppai #ButtcheeksAttachedToMyChest #JustBeenToldThat

New light, different camera settings, new pic!

The model is always the same though, they tried to kick her out but she kept meowing, hissing and saying that that is her house so you guys have to survive with always seeing the same girl all over again.

On a serious note, I like this one! Some of my pic advisers said that it's too dark but to be honest I like it because it's dark, kinda focuses on my silly face and anime body figure.
Today I started Horizon Zero Dawn and I'm quite enjoying it. Can't say I got really far as I've been busy with this "photo-session" and a couple more of stupid real life things that got in the way of my gaming.

Did you guys buy HZD? How are you liking it? ^^ #PureRuby87 #AmateurModel #Meow #HardcoreGamer #RedHead #oppai

La talentuosa Evil Angel (Elena Mirulla) mi ha fatta dono di questo bellissimo ritratto ^^ Se vi piace lo stile del disegno (ed è impossibile che non vi piaccia) lo potete ritrovare nei sui fumetti/disegni

Ecco la sua pagina facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ElenaEvilangelMirulla/
Instagram: @evilangelcat
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ It's written in italian due to the fact that the artist is italian and I want her to get some likes ^^ If you want to visit and like her yourself then her IG is @evilangelcat and her Facebook page is: https://www.facebook.com/ElenaEvilangelMirulla/

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