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Pure Organix  Pure, Natural, Farm to Vape, Solventless, Lab Approved. Contact us to learn about our process. Info@pureorganix.co


We are one of the few industrialized nations that does not allow the growing of hemp, which can be used to produce the VERY effective CBD oil. Educate your fellow Americans! #marijuanacommunity #cannabis #cbd #hemp

This is how we look when people try to judge us. Not only is it very useful medically, but sometimes it helps reduce stress. Just be careful and don't overdo it - YES, we are being parents here! #cannabiscommunity #memes #jokesonjokes #marijuana #thankfulthursday

Would you like to see us extract strawberry cough? With its fruity strawberry flavor and high psychoactive finish, this is one strain which we find helps for those with PTSD when they smoke the flower form. Let us know if you want to see it in oil form! #thcoil #cannabiscommunity #marijuana #weedwednesdays

THC Facts. Educating the public one instagram post at a time.

Although we didn't win, we did place as one of the few brands that has clean pure pesticide free product. @chalicefestival #cleanmeds

This is the lemon berry kush strain we mix with strawberry cheese in order to produce our lemonberry flavor. The two combined give a complex body along with a very fruity finish #weedwednesdays #cannabislove

Look for us at Chalice Festival this weekend! #pureorganix

Our thankful thursday goes out to Nicole who absolutely loves our products! #thankfulthursday #thcnation #vapenation

Guess what oil we have here! Free gift to whomever can figure it out. We'll give one hint, it's really fruity and is a hybrid! #thcoil #blacktogold #cannabiscommunity #marijauna #thctuesdays

This is an interesting strain we've been following called "ACDC". It's meant to be consumed without decarbing, which in simple terms means you don't burn it. You just eat it raw! Let us know what your favorite strain is, and if we should turn it into an oil! #thcoil #cannabiscommunity #weedwednesday

When you forget what's going on because you're a bit "under the weather". #mememondays #memes #jokes #jokesonjokes #marijuanamania #cannabisculture

The tallest cannabis plant ever grown was well over 18 ft tall. We think that's pretty amazing. We guess that's why they call it "weed". #cannabis #marijuana #factualfridays

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