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ASHLEE • MILLER  ✨Commit to LIVING a joyful life.✨ 👊🏻Let go of the shoulds to do the MUSTS.👊🏻 🎉Go from stuck & surviving to JOY & thriving.🎉 ❤️For you!❤️👇🏻

Just a couple of my favorite tools for kids who need to do homework or go to practice and moms who need to mop or fold laundry. Easy energy for the win!!

And that’s the end of our peaches! 😭 Our tree was abundant this year and I’m feeling a little sad to think no more fresh peaches from our backyard. I could live in late August/early September forever and be happy. Fresh local food + warm weather + beauty all around = joy.

Yesterday I HAD to teach a friend how to love her body. I couldn’t keep my mouth closed as I helped spot some gremlins that were showing up in her thoughts...like many women, she was finding fault with her body.🙄I taught her that change starts with gratitude for the little things. “Look at those toes!! They take you everywhere and you have 5 on each foot! Ten toes!!! Thank every single one!Those ankles...you can see them & never even have to think about how they help you walk everywhere. Those thighs!! Have you ever seen anything so voluptuous? 🤣 And your entire body works!! You don’t even have to stop to think if your brain and colon are working together!! Every single day, it just works like magic ✨”...On & on I went until she was laughing and seeing the miracles in her body. We focused on each little body part & praised those cells for showing up so strong! We recognized the little things working in her body are true miracles to be appreciated! We talked about how to celebrate her body that had been through TEN+(!) pregnancies & shown up for her again and again at all hours. That beautiful body that fills a little bit foreign & kind of pudgy right now is Gorgeous with a capital G.
I turned 40 this year. How that happened, I can’t even fathom. But I remember shortly after my birthday, I walked naked by the mirror, mostly avoiding a glance. I had the strongest impression...”How long will it take you to love your body?” I stopped right there and looked at myself. “Seriously...isn’t it time for you to love all of you?” I knew I could not spend one more year wishing my joy away because of imperfections and rolls of abundance! (See what I did there? 😉) Life is too short to waste away good days and solid joy because my body doesn’t look the way it did ten years ago or like a super model. (I mean I kind of do look awesome, but we all know nobody had paid me for my looks! 😂) And so since that day, I have tried to love this body. To show up for it. To nurture it. To forgive it. To be just a little bit kinder to MYSELF than I have in the past. I loved @thebeyoutybureau post today. Real is beautiful. My thighs? My smile? Real.

I’m okay with fall creeping in, but can we at least keep the summer fruit? So many yummy things to eat right now! Our peach tree is overflowing and I’m loving the farmers market with fresh berries galore! #summershouldlastforever

Summer days are flying away! This week I have plenty on my calendar so I’m for sure scheduling play time, because it matters for my mental health. Are you more spontaneous or do your schedule time for fun? I find myself doing it both ways but if I don’t schedule some fun things/self care, I quickly get out of balance. Scheduling helps me give myself permission to get out and do fun things. What works for you? Any tips for last minute summer fun?

This is called vulnerability and it’s such a good thing. I had to have a potentially hard conversation today. Both of us showed up vulnerable and honest and it was so good! The magic can’t happen when we are too scared to be real. But when we show up as our true messy selves, trust is built and hearts connect. And really? Messy is the only thing I’m confident I can keep doing! Perfect isn’t sustainable. I’m so grateful for the people that give me space to be me, even if I’m messy and complicated. 😘

This girl was the Spotlight Child at church yesterday. The Spotlight Child brings 3 different items from home to show and tell the other children. I knew I was in trouble when she wouldn’t let me see what was in the bag. I decided to go observe to see what she shared. She grabbed the mic and announced, very seriously, “THERE IS SOMETHING NAKED IN THIS BAG.” Yes. She said the word “naked” at the pulpit at church. It was classic, awesome, and embarrassing all at the same time! LOL Dolls are her number one favorite toy and that’s all she had in her bag! She’s my favorite and is full of constant surprises. 🎉❤️ #neverboring #alwaysherself #purelyalive

Comfort food. This morning I chatted with a friend whose Grandma isn't doing well.  I couldn't help but smile as she told me about how her Grandma insisted on feeding everyone all the time with her signature dishes.
It made me remember my grandma and her raspberries.  During the Idaho summers, we would help pick raspberries and green beans in her garden.  She had made custom picking baskets using ice cream buckets with fabric tied around the bucket.  We would tie the bucket around our waists and then we could use both hands to pick.  We ate as many as we picked but eventually (after what seemed like several hours) we were done!
After we finished picking raspberries, she would give us a little bowl with milk and fresh raspberries and toast with raspberry jam.
Fresh raspberries and toast with jam are the only dishes I ever remember eating at my grandma's house though I am sure she must have fed us other things.

What did your grandma always feed you that you can still remember? #grandmasgarden #raspberriesandcream #summerfamily #purelyalive

“Hey Charlotte! What was your favorite part of the trip?” She pauses for effect. “The casino, probably.” We only walked through the casino for about 5 minutes. We spent 4 days lounging by the pool. 🤷🏼‍♀️ I’ve got to keep my eye on this one!! 🎉🤣❤️

Yessssssssss! There’s is nothing wrong with palm trees and a little bit of sun. ☀️And by a little bit of sun I mean it’s 105 in Vegas. 😍🤣

What is your go to favorite for a quick lunch? I usually just throw something like this together. You can’t go wrong with summer fruits in a fresh salad. 😍

We’re struggling to get basic things done around here and now I know why. “You know that machine under dad’s desk that eats up paper? I shredded my job list.” #thecrusher #summerjobs #momjob

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