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Ashlee  Passions: empowering individuals to shine & families to thrive. Essential oil educator, top leader, business coach, energy worker, beach lover & mom.

The best part about Sunday? Washing off all the poopy parts of the past week, and beginning a fresh week. The past week had some bummers, one complete heartbreak, and the usual regular life messes. Yet, the Atonement covers it all. Just like washing eggs with running water, all the junk from the past week washes away because of our Savior's Atonement. It's a brilliant plan and it's the one that keeps me going. In other good news, the ladies are earning their keep again! And in the interest of truth telling, this beautiful photo could show I’m into fresh eggs and I am, but really the chickens scare me. I’ve never touched them and never collect the eggs (gross), but I like watching them and feeding them scraps. #abundantlife #backyardeggs #freshstart #trytryagain #lifeismessy #godsplanisthebestplan

Oh hey there... yes, it's been a while.  Truthfully, I got overwhelmed by all the social media stuff and took a longer-than-intended break. I found myself scrolling without a purpose, impulsively buying stuff because a stranger said I had to have it, and comparing myself to others. I am 100% committed to living a full and beautiful life, but sometimes I don't know where social media fits in all that.  Does life happen if I don't post or tell someone else about it?  Am I someone that wants to be that connected to social media? What purpose does all this serve for me?  Throw that in with all the @collinkartchner stuff and I just had to disconnect so I could know how to reconnect.  You see, if I am too connected online, I am not fully connected to my God, myself and my family.  I just don't know how to do it, so sometimes I have to just let it all go. In the silence I realized that I don't need certain parts of social media but I do want to contribute to the good that is here. I have God-given messages in me that bring positive energy to others. I am a voice for families, an advocate for wholeness, a believer in big dreams, a cheerleader for entrepreneurs, and a spirit-led mom just trying to do the right thing.  And sometimes I do that with a zit on my face. Is there room in the world for a girl just doing her best to figure it out?  And can I be loving enough to myself through the process? I think so. The world needs light and truth and I can't sit idly by without being part of the solution, so I'm back. Being #purelyalive is all about showing up in your truth for your real life. It's about not missing the real moments because of fears and false beliefs. That's what I am trying to do but it is messy and imperfect AND beautiful.  The only way I can do this instathing is if I get to be me, messes and all. So here's to new posts, new shares and real life. #progressnotperfection #purelyalive

“I am creating a business & life I love.” This statement calls for accountability. Am I really doing things that bring joy? Am I deliberately engaging in the right activities to create what I really want? Am I giving myself permission to run for my dreams or am I hiding? The answer right now is YES and it feels good! Of course, I am headed on a flight to San Diego in 20 minutes and that doesn’t hurt! Passion oil is one of my favorites when I need some encouragement to move! And rose quartz is just my favorite. ❤️

I’m in this in between phase and, honestly, it’s not super awesome. It feels awkward, it feels like I’m fighting a bit to make progress. But I know that isn’t the full picture. Sometimes you have to go with what you do know until the evidence shows up that the changes are happening. What I know right now is that I have always figured it out in the past. It is safe to trust myself and Gods plan for me. I can move and do the basics that create success and joy. And I know I want to grow. This in between time doesn’t mean I’m doing it wrong. It just means I’m not there yet and that’s okay. We believe in our progress before we see it. What you want, wants you. Trust that it will all work out because it always does. #workinprogress #movingforward #onestepatatime #youvegotthis

What? You don’t have a terrain park out your front door? Love these two boys and their creativity. In other news, don’t try to come up our steps because clearly it won’t be safe! #olympicstraining #makeyourownfun

Lips like a movie star. This girl loves to get in my makeup and she’s lucky I find her irresistible.

2018 has been a teacher. Kind of like when I signed up for Statistics in college and got my tail kicked! I had to retake Stats (turns out the Business school wouldn’t take Fs 🤷🏼‍♀️) but this time I’m showing up to learn the lessons! It’s a daily thing and I’m learning lots about how I think about things, especially myself. What I probably need is less thinking and more shimmying through the sunroof, but we all have our strengths! 🤣💃🏼 The calendar says it’s my birthday but my heart says we are taking a rain check and celebrating right as soon as this beast of a cold goes away. In the mean time, practice your pageant waves, open the sunroof and be just a little bit more gentle with yourselves.

I see the light in you. I see you finding your way, rising up to shine your light in a way that only you can. I see you striving to honor the call inside your heart to show up and make a difference. I also see the uncertainty as you step outside your comfort zone and do new things. I hear your unspoken question wondering if you are enough and if it will be worth it. The answer, shouted by angels, is “Yes! You are 1000 times enough and it will be so worth it. Rise up, sister. You were born to do this and others crave your light!” So shine on, dare to rise, try something new, allow yourself to be seen, choose the path that is calling you forward! You’ve got ✨magic✨ inside you and the world is waiting. 💖

Pretty much the cutest baseball player I’ve ever seen. The field is his favorite place to be and I’m grateful he is on the right team.

“Love is the antidote to judgment.” @gabbybernstein said it and she is absolutely right. I have been reading #judgementdetox and am grateful for the reminders to be better. I have become more aware of how judgements show up in my world, and it is so nice to be letting them go. Choosing grace and love frees us from the heavy weight of judging. Let love grow. For yourself and others. In other news, this plant almost came home with me but I used good judgement and realized I probably wouldn’t keep it looking happy! 😉 So I took a pic because that will for sure last longer. 😀

I’m putting my full heart behind this one! Having the courage to ask, daring to believe it is possible, and receiving miracles daily. This is my February! Yesterday was less than stellar but today is a new day and I’m going for it! #receiveit #believeinhim #livingmybestlife #freshstarts

I did 5 loads of laundry and then saw this pile. Laundry is such a teacher. 🙄 This time it's telling me "Just when you think you're done, check again!" #laundrytime #again #whistlewhileyouwork

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