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  Wake up and smell the coffee, yolo so make it count the first time.

Off in the distance may my mind wander, a cold beer on hand, livin life to the fullest with minimal regrets from this man #beared #countryboy #pnw #coldbeer #smile #yolo

The day his hat was laid to rest,
As his son he knew it was for the best,
Life can be kind,
It can treat you rough,
Live it with a smile because you never know when the time maker is going to say "you have had enough " RIP Gary Gillespie

#pnw #cou tryboywillsurvive #countryboy #washington #duckface been awhile might as well say hi

#foxy #bearded #countryboy have a wonderful Friday and thank a veteran for thier service

My baby girl was showing off her worker skills today and let me tell you, she has more work ethic then most of the young lads that try to work with me.. #prouddaddy

#godblessamerica #pnw #countryboy put yours eyes on the target and pull the trigger. That's how you get shit done in life.. no excuses

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