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Pure Barre Savannah  Lift•Tone•Burn. Pure Barre is a lifestyle. A mind body workout that requires you to be present and connected. ☎️912-665-1129 First Week Free!!!


We're just gonna say it...This week WE have seen OUR clients push themselves beyond their limits. WE have offered challenges and YOU have taken them 💪🏻👏🏻. WE couldn't be more elated🤗. Let's keep the vibe high and the love strong family ❤️. Cheers to being AWESOME and having AWESOME healthy bods. xo

Happy #wellnessthursday barre-stars! Let's talk breakfast - who are you? (A.) breakfast? Who has time for that? (B.) If I can grab it and go, I'm in. (C.) I'll take my morning cup of coffee and breakfast for a little me time. No matter which choice you are, challenge yourself to be a breakfast champion! People who eat breakfast are more likely to fight off hunger later in the day. Two things to include in your morning routine: lean protein and/or heart healthy fat PLUS fiber. Examples include eggs, nuts/nut butter, avocado 🙌🏼, and whole grains or fruits and veggies. Start your day off with your best self!
Thanks Brit ❤️This is something we can all get down with. Our vote: Avocado toast. One look at this pic & your craving begins. Now go fix yourself a healthy breakfast 🍳 🥑🍌🥔🍅

It doesn't come easy. You gotta work for it. And when you do, get ready to feel on top of the world 💪🏻🙌🏻. xo

Another one of our incredible clients crushing life, pb style, of course. This beauty right here has come so far in her pb practice, it excites our hearts to see her in this position🙌🏻🙌🏻. Meet @rockyandmadwinkle Eric Deeb family! She's a human to know. She has the biggest heart & takes care of most of Savannah's pet population. She owns a pet-sitting company- be sure to touch base with her in the studio. She's awesome to chat it up with 🤗

Morning Family! Have you tried EMPOWER yet? Sometimes you've gotta stop thinking about it & just go for it. Here's what our rockstar client @mccgail had to say: "Empower compliments your Pure Barre practice. I enjoyed the faster pace, the combinations of seat & thighs together. After class & the next day, I was still smiling and I could feel the muscle groups I worked. EMPOWER, any one can do it!"
Thanks Gail, we totally agree. Also, your form!!!! So good. Any ONE CAN do it🙌🏻. Come give it a try today. #pureempower #empower #purebarre #fun

The love continues to pour in for EMPOWER💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻, duh! Thanks @therealbrit for the shout out, hurry back for morrreeeeee!!!! ❤️❤️❤️#pureempower #empower #purebarre

Happy Tuesday Family! It's another day to feel Empowered. The energy was off the hook in the studio yesterday. Let's keep it going. One of our clients who likes to be referred to as "Tupac" said it best..."That was a crazy endorphin boosting class I was pretty much drunk". @rheahurleymakes @herschelsmom We couldn't agree more!!! #pureempower #empower #purebarre #fun

EMPOWER classes brought the steam, sweat and best 45 min of our lives!!!!! #empower #purebarre #fun

EMPOWER is in full effect today and we are so stoked! We asked our rockstar of a client @miasavcuba what she thought of her first class & this is what she had to say: " I was very excited to try #empower. It was a heart pumping strength training whole body workout. The combination of additional wrist and ankle weights allowed me to increase the intensity of my work out and was modifiable. Definitely challenged me but was fun and I look forward to my next class!" #pureempower #empower #purebarre

It's ALL HAPPENING!!!! Be respectful of the studio, yourself & your fellow barre babes. Show up on time, stay until the end. #45min #sweatfest

Have you snagged this must have tank yet? If your waiting for a sign, This Is It! Thanks for keeping it fresh @oscar_doodl Carrington, you look so fly 😎

Nobody's born with it. Put in the effort, the time, be consistent, and don't give up! We are ALL getting there👏🏻👊🏻🦄

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