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ChinoFromMex🇲🇽  Chhs 🎓

Bruh I still haven't even gotten my backpck💀 shii ain't my backpack btw😂

Since everyone posting with filters🤷‍♀️

Skeet skeet gang🍆

Fwesh💈and I look like a lil kid🤦‍♀️

Idgaf if ya say I do the same pose🤷‍♀️ya can suck my dick backwards

I be wearing Aeropostale to much😂but who can hook me up with a fade🙈

Tb to when I looked good for once🤧

#1 school goal:get ma dick sucked rs

I think I glowed up🤔who agrees😀

Kinda like my eyebrows but Comment❤️

I look tall😳Buh came out ight ig


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