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Pupuka Co. Hawaii  ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀🎗 Custom Prints by Pekuna Hong 📍Kāneʻohe, Hawai‘i ♥ Block PRINTING 🗓Block Print Workshops 📷Capturing the beauty in imperfection


Super excited about the first of many workshops of 2017 @halekealoha Kailua on Sunday August 13. Proceeds from this workshop will be donated to @makeawishhawaii!! Not only will you get to make a block print and print something to take with you, but you will also get to customize a sketchbook for a @makeawishhawaii keiki with your newly created stamp! @shorestrong is super excited about this event and she will be there with me to assist you! This event comes with all materials needed and we are providing light refreshments and pupus! Mahalo to @halekealoha Kailua for sponsoring this event. Seating is limited so go to mkt.com/pupuka (link on my profile) to reserve your seat now! Hope to see you there!!

When it's almost dark and mom asks you to stand still for a picture but all you wanna do is run around and catch swordtails... and then when it's time to haalele, he says, "Mom I'm gonna be a fisherman when I grow up." I told him we might not be able to eat the fish... if there's even fish to eat.... how about you be a stream restorator or raise fish of your own or both?Maybe you can work here! "Oh yah!"

They kiss all the pain away

@hkawelo inspires me to find my place within our lāhui and constantly reflect on what I'm doing and how it will contribute to anything. Grateful for the caretakers who are always on duty!

Major ‘āina stoke this kauwela. These Keiki been lucky to work alongside some amazing kanaka.... I am always left with a surge of pride for our lāhui 🌔🌱 Side note: suit is by @ke_hawaii and the aina washes out everytime! Back to white!

It's funny how sometimes the hardest days make you feel the most thankful. I'm so thankful for these ever-forgiving Keiki who only ever give their full heart in everything they do. They continue to love me for every imperfection, every moment lost to impatience. 💓
Can't believe our Season is 7 months young. Time is warped when you have so many kids and it's a crazy blur of emotions on high and life feels like it's on timelapse! Gonna miss this gummy grin!! 🌘🌗🌖🌕🌔🌓🌒

Kauwela's got us crawling into our week. #MondayBlues

Slowly easing back into starting up workshops again soon! Have you been interested in making your own block print?! Comment below if you're interested and where you're located. We do private party workshops, free-hostess print parties and we will be holding workshops soon, including outer island workshops!

It's been one year since the word cancer became a word so real I can still remember hearing the Dr say it as if I was on the outside watching myself sitting there, watching the word resonate in my mind. Then looking into @stevekazuo's eyes and seeing that it wasn't all ok this time....as Shore looked up at us with eyes wide open at 2:30am wondering what this meant. I am still learning what it all means, but what I do know is Shore and all my other Keiki have been a gift from the moment they grew in my opu and I'm thankful for everyday I get with all of them. It all happened in a big blur and I'm still processing a lot of what happened only now....Words you've said to me that I might have seemed to not hear, moments I was a part of that I wasn't able to take a hold of and acknowledge. But please know I am so thankful to every one of you who have carried us with you this past year. Your prayers, love, positive words and support have kept us strong. Ke aloha nui

Happy Summer Solstice -may your long days be filled with adventure, inspiration, love, wonder, understanding, joy and lots of rainbows. ☀️#kealapolohiwaakāne

I almost wrote #theskyisthelimit but obviously it isn't 🌌✨ Thankful to all the wa'a and voyagers who restore pride, strengthen dreams and show us what hope, faith and courage looks like. #futureisbright #lahuiHawaii #nolimits

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