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Prints By Pekuna Hong  🎗Mama of 5 ✊️Aloha ‘Āina 📍Kāneʻohe, HI ♥ BLOCK PRINTING 🗓Print Workshops & Partys 📷Birth/Lifestyle Photography 💌DM for information


This week Saturday come to our Stop and Go workshop at PAAKAI Marketplace in Kakaako where you can make a stamp on the go 🏃‍♀️🕺💃
And I’ll be sharing some tips for printing your own presents and wrapping paper to get you ready for the Holidays! Now is the time to start ordering your gift supplies, especially if you’re like me and you like to order everything online! I’ll be sharing where I get stuff and what supplies I like to use, along with some printing tips! Don’t miss these fast workshops! If you can’t make it, don’t freak out👻. You can host your own private print workshop at home or watch for more upcoming workshops. Aloha Poakahi!

Productive naps 🕷

Tag 3 friends below who you would wanna do this workshop with and enter yourself to win a seat at either of our workshops next Saturday! (Must be following @pupukaco @paifoundation & @saltourkakaako) extra entree if you repost (DM a screenshot if your profile is private)

While the kids nap I sketch, and sketch and sketch... and then... I sharpie! #scraps #linoleum #linocuts #happyfacedspider #nanananamakakii

When you think of how amazing it is to be able to grow a baby inside of you, someone who has all your codes yet is mixed up into their own personality and features...and then bring them into this world and see them grow....it’s truly amazing. Mahalo ke Akua for the gift of life and creation which you share with us 🙏✨🌒

Happening next Saturday! Come check out our short Stop, Drop and Shop Workshop! We will have some items for sale alongside @jomamaterra while an ongoing workshop is going down! It’s a great chance to come make something of your own that you can use to make gift wrapping and customizing presents like hats, dish towels, onesies, and more! Save money and time and skip the corporate stores. Come check out local vendors and get creative with us! Deets and registration on my website mkt.com/pupuka

When I say food is the way to your heart, I mean it. The way to your heart, your mind, your soul, your health..... every culture I know around the world knew the importance of food from the oldest of times. It was an important part of decision making, huge change, every stage of life and especially sickness. In this day and age, I have so much respect for our western medicine and the value it holds... but I have the same respect for the people who feed others, those who prepare meals of their culture with love and pride and share that special gift with others. Just one year ago we were in the hospital for more than a month straight. Being seperated as a family, not eating my home cooked meals together... something I treasure and value so much.....and for once my daughter was begging for my food. Everyday saying oh Mom I just want your food. I wished I could leave her to go make her some food. But I needed to be by her side more. I jokingly put a status request on Facebook for some Pig and the Lady phó (and ice cream...) and to our surprise @jabbalikespho and @musubman came marching in proudly at the hospital, all the nurses in awe of these handsome men coming all this way to hand-deliver some soup to a girl who craved a home-cooked meal... needless to say, we are back to enjoying dinners together at home, and appreciating every night together crammed at our small table, fighting over who got the best piece of chicken and whose water cup that was. But @jabbalikespho never forgot Shore. He has gone out of his 7 days a week of non-stop work and crazy busy life to make Shore feel special for the second year in a row. It amazes me the love people give and restores my faith in humanity once again. This amazing team @pigandthelady gives so much to a “simple bowl of soup” it’s so much more. And that’s what makes them so special. One year ago she just got a scan showing no signs of tumors and @pigandthelady had a celebration for Shore, and today we got to celebrate her still being cancer free!!!! We made it one year, when the cancer is most likely to make its way back if it’s going to. SO HUGE for us! Thank you @pigandthelady for going above and beyond 💕💕💕🐷🐷🐷💃💃💃

Almost one year ago, the first birth I got to shoot. Lalo... lalo..... whoaaa whoaaa, the things you never forget... the sounds, the way the light casts shadows throughout the rooms onto faces and bodies, the shine of sweat on everyone wether it be because of laboring, supporting or anxious energy, the Ea you feel in the Ea... the way time slows and then passes too fast. And then all you have is memories and if you’re lucky, a picture, that is more than words could ever describe. So, if you’re thinking about it, just do it. Get your birth story photographed.... you will never regret it #Hawaiibirthphotography #birthingthenextgeneration #birthinghope #HoouluLāhui #birthingHawaiians #manawahine #whenyouhaveamazingbeautifulfriends

I hope this picture offers you hope.... hope in humanity, hope for the future, hope that our kids will live in a more understanding world, hope that love will outshine all else.... thanks to the many hands that continue to pave the way and Malama what we have here. Keep your hope alive, and like @shorestrong would say, never give up. #thankfulthursdays #birthphotography #hawaiibirthphotography #birthingthefuture #birthinghope #keepthehopealive #laulima #handsoflove #Hawaiibirthstories #hooululahui

Been awhile since I touched a tool #blockprinting #lifewith5kids #pupukablocks

When all of my mind, body and soul wants to reach out and heal the world, I tell myself to hug my kids a little tighter and whisper light into their ears because they speak straight to the universe with one pure thought. If I make them believe, even when I doubt it now, I will believe it eventually. They are my light, my dark, my every moment in between. The reflection, the shadow and being of what it all means.
#thefutureisbright #letyourhopeshine #evenwhenyoudontbelieveit

She has a way of capturing you and reeling you in.... #sundayfeels #imaboy

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