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Puppy Vacation  Puppies Already Know... Livin is Vacation! Submit photos to ViktorSimco@gmail.com or tag #PuppyVacation and #PuppyLivin! 🐢🌴

@jodyhusky loves him some hi-quality ice cream. I even taught him how to take the wrapper off and eat the cone.

This guy is just loving life! πŸΆπŸŒ΄πŸ˜‹

Love at first πŸ‘…! 🐢🌴


"Uhhh lemme get a double cheeseburger extra cheese, large biscuit, hambone extra meat, and a Budweiser please. How boutchu?" 🐢🌴

Sunday! 🐢🌴

Now here's a pup with an owner that knows what makes her happy! 🐢🌴

C'mon mom one more bite! I'm not fat I'm just wrinklyyy 😁🐢🌴

Best FriendzZz πŸΆπŸ‘±

Best dog ever!! 😍 Can you find me one like this please?? 🐢🌴#husky #malamutehusky #alusky #brownhusky #alaskanmalamute

God grant me the serenity to put my paws in the sand at sunset, the courage to jump after a frisbee into five foot wave, and the wisdom to know the difference between a shark and a dolphin. Puppy for life! 🐢🌴

Ya had me at those innocent eyes and mud flap ears! Best puppy ever. 🐢🌴

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