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Puppy Kitty NYC / LI  One person. Too many homeless animals. If YOU help your local animals, we can make a change. PayPal puppykittynycty@gmail.com. Venmo @Puppy-Kitty 😻


Could suffering like this be real? Could this cat possibly still be alive with that face and (swipe left) that neck? I guess so. This is in #ridgewood, the same town as the Horror House. This cat and 9 others exist, barely, with urine burns and unimaginable injuries. But we can't get to them. They're behind rowhouses and literally impossibly to penetrate. If they were in an open area I would have jumped in the car and driven the 45 minutes to save this poor soul. Cops have been alerted, this is yet another heartbreaking and frustrating rescue attempt. Me and @paulthecatguy will do all we can. Too many suffering animals, too few people jumping to help. If you are near Ridgewood, help them. DM me. I won't sleep well tonight

Tossed-away Greenwich Village cat Thompson is just under the bed and he hasn't eaten much at all. It was suggested to separate him to gauge how much he is eating but he is literally laying in Bleeker's lap and I don't think it would be good to do so if his hunger strike is behavioral. His exam was normal but I opted for a full blood panel over X-rays to save $, so I'll get those results tomorrow.
I was over financial cat-capacity before this rescue and today I spent $250 at the vet (that's with a 25% discount), and almost $100 on litter for the fosters and a wide variety of enticing food for my sick little guy, so donations are appreciated (swipe to see receipts) as the PKNYC bank is once again running low πŸ’”
#greenwichcats #help

At the vet with Thompson. He has lost a pound in a week, that's a lot. Waiting for the doc...

It's Bleaker! Or Bleeker! Whatever! Our other long-haired beauty who was thrown out in Greenwich Village recently is out of her shell, making air biscuits and rotf because she is naturally a pile of euphoria! Her face looks like she just had a great make-out session doesn't it?? She jumped into bed and put her head on my arm like Dewey did! You need this cat in your life, Oh, Mah, G....d she is off the charts sweet!!! 🍰🍦🍭🍫🍩🍧🍑🍬

Our Greenwich cat Thompson who was thrown away a week and a half ago, sits in this crouch position too much. I don't think he's feeling well, plus he's too skinny. Off to the vet we go in the morning. Donations for him are certainly welcome or DM me to call the vet directly. 🐭 And here's another safety tip - do you see that little hanging mouse? Don't assume purchased cat/kitten toys are safe. That cord could SO easily wrap around a cat or kittens neck. I know 3 stories. 2 ended well, 1 did not. The moral? Shorten up your string so it is shorter than the circumference of your animals neck. Don't have ANYTHING hanging for itty bitty kitties, it's too risky. #greenwichcats #fosteringsaveslives #rescue #rescuecat #ginger #gingercat #supportrescue #catsafety #kittensafety #love #hope #weekend #summer17 #summer #nyc #li #kitty

This kitten sits tonight at our very overcrowded city kill shelter. Why don't you DM me and we can talk about how YOU can save lives. I will be driving cats and kittens around all day tomorrow, #letstawk. Or if you're a current foster home, perhaps make a comment about how easy and rewarding it is!!

This is how Thompson greets me every time I go into the foster room! I've fallen in love already. Please spread the word and let's get these young, healthy, uber-sweet rescue lovebirds 🐀🐧 a home!! #squeak #hello #imissedyou #cattalk #love #hope #pray #friendship 🎈

To everyone who wanted to help a #ridgewood #hoarder cat, I need you now. Tina is one of the ones I saw scurry away into a hole in the wall on the 3rd floor, where her home used to be before it was demolished. I tried to find her but it was a maze from hell in there. She was caught by our city shelter, fully vetted, and thankfully pulled by @cypress_feline_rescue. I NEED A FOSTER OR A HOME right away! She's a very friendly, #longhair gorgeous tortie! She's in Brooklyn but we will travel. I have to move her this weekend so reach out to anyone on my rescue team to hear more! @lissysabel @barbmyskowsky @cascio73 #onderdonkorphans #tortie #tortiecat #fosteringsaveslives #helpme πŸ™πŸ»

My little itty Demi is growing up but she's still an itty kitty! Please go meet her this weekend at @shotofjamesonnyc on the Upper East Side! She needs a home, she's purrfect!!! #Repost @shotofjamesonnyc
Pretty little Demi πŸ’— She's the sweetest kitten and is still looking for her forever home. DM me with questions or if you're interested in this love bug 🐾 #tuxedokitten #adoptdontshop #demigirl #kittensofinstagram #kittenears

Good morning from my MANY #foster kitties! First - Khloe, my lunatic, my energizer bunny! The cutest little mug on earth needs a home with her best friend Kourtney!
Next, Thompson the Greenwich kitty and his wife Bleeker are doing SO well! Thompson loves sitting in bags but I'm cutting the handles off and you should too as it's a danger and can get caught around their neck / especially kittens! I also rip the handles of plastic bags in half when I line the garbage cans. Lastly, mah Pudding! We're waiting for his ringworm culture to come back then I'm taking him HOME!! DM me to hear about so many of our amazing rescue kitties who need a forever home! πŸŽˆπŸ’žπŸŽˆπŸ’žπŸŽˆπŸ’žπŸŽˆπŸ’žπŸŽˆπŸ’ž

Loving my @nypd buddy @cathyleibo for saving these tortured, emaciated #dogs from a criminals apartment. Starving and locked in cages, they're now at the vet getting everything they always deserved. How many more emaciated dogs locked in cages are waiting for rescue, and how do we find them? This notion makes me lose sleep sometimes #thanksforthedogsasshole @c.legit5 it's so tragic

Here's why we rescue. 11 days ago, Thompson was thrown away with his siblings in Greenwich Village. People jumped, he was saved / more people jumped, he was fostered and vetted. Just look at that darling face of his! He and his wife Bleaker are being short-term fostered with me so expect to be BOMBED with adorable pictures all week cuz these 2, they won't need a home for long, they are scrumptious beyond words! DM me if your lap is lonely!! Potential adopters welcome, we're on LI! #doubleadoption #gingercat #rescueismyfavoritebreed #thanksforthecatsasshole @lstein @adoptablesnyc @mrkittyinthecity πŸ’ž

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