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Punta Mona  Beachfront Botanical Collection & Permaculture Farm 🌱Permaculture Design Courses & Apprenticeships Yoga Teacher Trainings Medicinal Plant Studies

Do you want to be as blissed out, as beautiful, and as knowledgeable about permaculture as Carlos!? If you answered yes to any of these questions you may want to consider our upcoming apprenticeship at Punta Mona! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
We are offering a unique opportunity to live, work, and learn through experience by being a part of our intentional community here at Punta Mona. Our June 11-25th Permaculture Design Course is blossoming, and filling up quickly! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Following the course, the apprenticeship a great way to apply the theoretical knowledge gained in the PDC, through a consciously crafted eight week program. Check out the entire curriculum and schedule in the online application, please see link in our bio. We hope to see you wash up on our beach soon!

Our vanilla at Punta Mona is flowering! In most places in the world vanilla must be pollinated by hand, fortunately we have incredible biodiversity and enough native pollinators to enable our vanilla to flower on its own. 🌻
----------------------------------------------------------Vanilla extract that we use in cooking is derived from orchids of the genus Vanilla, mainly from the Mexican species, flat-leaved vanilla (V. planifolia). The vanilla orchids make up their own genus of roughly 110 different species within the greater Orchidacae family.
-------------------------------------------------------------- The origins of the word "vanilla" come from "vainilla" adding the "illa" to the end of "vaina" creates the diminutive of the Spanish word "vaina" which means sheath or pod, entonces, little pods!

Silvan demonstrating how to inoculate logs with oyster mushroom mycelium during the @fungiacademy mushroom cultivation course.
The fungi course has provided a wealth of information about this fascinating field, and empowered students with the knowledge and skills necessary to start growing their own mushrooms. We look forward to collaborating with fungi academy in the near future, so keep an eye out for our next mushroom cultivation course!

Silvan and Lala of @fungiacademy going deep into the life cycle of mushrooms today in the mushroom cultivation course!

Let the mycelium grow strong and healthy! Today we are opening the doors for mushroom education in a 4 day cultivation course hosted by the Fungi Academy.

Sending love to all the legendary humans in this photo! ❤
Blessings to all punta mona family far and wide, may your tables be full of abundance 🌱

Plant prom was thriving hard last night! ❤🌱cacao dance warp❤🌱

Kara and Arno wrote a beautiful song about life at Punta Mona, this is a tiny snipet of it, thank you both for sharing your art with all of us! ----------------------------------------------------
Punta Mona will deeply miss both of you incredible souls, your legacy will live on through this song ❤

Silvan, of @fungiacademy, is explaining mushroom reproduction on a jungle walk lesson for the herbalist path PDC!
He is gearing up to teach a 4 day mushroom cultivation course here at Punta Mona, check out the link for more info, and come learn how to grow all kinda of mushrooms with us!

What are your favorite kinds of mushrooms to eat, use for medicine, or wild forage?

It’s lunchtime at Punta Mona and Sam is calling in the crew! Wait a minute are you coming? Start planning now! Our next Permaculture Design Course starts June 11! #puntamona #lunchtime #foodforest #permaculture #permaculturedesign #permacultura #permaculturefortheherbalistspath

Celebrating these sweet Carribean roots ❤

Much gratitude to @lunamaycr and @kara.elyse for dreaming up this collaboration, and helping this beauty to blossom! 🌱

Stephen and Sarah laying down the Permaculture gospel to the Permaculture for the Herbalist Path crew! The course is mind blowing and Lala and Sarah are sharing deep wisdom! #permaculturedesign #permacultura #pdc #permaculturefortheherbalistspath #ecoversity #puntamona #landoffreedom

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