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Kael Rebick  Be excellent to each other. Fujifilm X-Photographer 📧 punkokael@gmail.com

Driving in your car
I never never want to go home

Rock steady

Hey, baby, let's get away
Let's go somewhere far

Morning light on the summer garden

Continuing my series of #shotoniphone through moving bus window.

I was told that it rains 260 days of the year in Bergen, but the sun was shining for us. It was such a pleasure to explore this charming city.
#vikingcruises #MyVikingStory

Another iPhone shot from a moving bus window. Too pretty not to share.

Peaceful easy feeling

As I stood on the deck of the ship, I remember thinking, this is the most beautiful place I’ve ever been.

#vikingcruises #MyVikingStory

Most beautiful light in the mountains

Best day in Edinburgh ♥️ #vikingcruises #MyVikingStory

The beautiful beast of a machine, sleeping across the pond before a day of adventuring.
#cmhheli #exploreBC

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