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Jerry Ingram  Thank God for what you have, Trust God for what you need. SoFlyEnt. CREAM. SC: Pun28s

How you hate a nigga that do all real shii!
We too lit!!

To all the moms!! You make the world go round!
Luckily I was blessed with 2!! Love you both the same.
RIH Camellia

I started living on principles not feelings, it’s scary sometimes the f__ks I don’t give but I’ve never felt better.

Don’t put your limitations on me because you can’t perform on the level I can for this long.

More than most are unhappy and wanna pull you into that, that’s just something you gotta understand & avoid.
Do yo wave and keep it loopy🤙🏼

Don’t ask me “What I do for a living” give me the same respect regardless.

Ik y’all tied of me & my chicken nugget but. . . . .👨‍👧

Easter weekend wit my❤️👨‍👧

These past 4days have been a nightmare, from ICU...IVs in/out back in to my baby being took away from eating what she wants, having to be stuck with needles 7x a day not knowing why...all at the age of 2 and she still manages to smile & say Heeey da daaa, Love you da daa.🙌🏼 - Thank you from the bottom of my heart to everyone who reached out, prayed etc... May God bless you! - If I haven’t reached back I apologize, I’ve been all over the place🙏🏼

No matter where me & their Mom stand, they help me create the mindset I have today n become who I am before Camilla was born so I have their back for life.


Respect the one they talkin about not the one doing the talking.

RIP Camellia😇
May Camilla carry your name on💕

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