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Pumpkin The Raccoon  This is the story of a rescued Bahamian raccoon called Pumpkin and her friends, Royal Bahamian Potcake rescues Toffee and Oreo.

🎃”I love you to the moon and back Toffee.” 🐶”Me too Pumps, me too.” Tag someone you love to the moon and back! ❤️ Also thank you all so much for your incredible support about the puppies! We still need your help! They need homes! Please message @baark_bahamas (link in bio) to get more details! Xox

Morning everyone! So as many of you know my brother rescued three puppies two days ago. They were in rough shape and infested with ticks. My parents are fostering them at the moment and I am happy to report they are now tick free and have had their vaccinations and have been de-wormed! We now need your help! The puppies need to find a foster home and eventually their forever homes. I know many of you have reached out interested in taking these lovely pups in! The link in my bio will direct you to @baarkbahamas they can assist you with any questions you may have about getting these pups to you! We have started to receive donations through BAARK and we are so grateful to you all! This space is amazing and it makes me feel so positive that we can help change these little guys lives for the better! We love you! Check out Pump’s insta-story for more on the puppies! Peace and love! Team Pumps xox

🎃”You know what this face is saying?” 🐶”What?” 🎃”Get ready for taco Tuesday baby!” 🌮🌮🌮

🎃”Millennials can’t buy houses because of their love of avocados? Well good thing I live in the Bahamas and can eat them #everydamnday” #tbt to when Pumps gorged herself on freshly picked avocados! 🥑🥑🥑

🎃”Day 456. Today is the day I shall venture to the land of tacos and pizza. It will be a tough journey, but I know in my heart I will make it.” 🐶”Hey Pumps mama just ordered pizza. It’s in the kitchen.” 🍕🌮🌯

🎃🎵🎶”These boots are made for walkin... and that’s...” 🐶 “We get it! You look like you are permanently wearing shoes. Now enough with the singing.” 🎃”Jimmy Choos got nothing on these bad boys!” 👠🕶

🎃”Ummmmm excuse me. Where are the treats?” 🐶”We were supposed to share? Oops!” 🎃*GASP* “How could you!” Guys sorry we have been M.I.A but we are around so don’t worry! You are the best! Peace and Love Team Pumps! Xox 🎃❤️🐶

🐶”Got enough blueberries Pumps? 🎃”NEVER!” #flashbackfriday to when Pumps went on that health kick. 🎃”Ahem... mama please let the record show it lasted 3 whole days!” 🐶”More like 3 minutes!” 🎃”RUDE!”

🐶”Hey Pumps... who is that?” 🎃”This is my new friend Teddy! He’s the bravest little boy I know.” Hi friends! I get messages everyday about how much joy Pumpkin brings into their lives and it means everything to me. Today I am asking that you send a little joy to @mamaandtbear. Meet Teddy. He is a happy, amazing, smart, little 18 month old. He also has been diagnosed with an aggressive form of Neuroblastoma cancer. They are based in the U.K. but have just been given the horrible news that a drug that could help him has been removed by the NHS (their health care system) because of cost. The family are now faced with having to raise up to £500,000 in order to get him the treatment he desperately needs. I have put a link in my bio, so whether you are able to donate £1, £5, or £10 or just send words of encouragement to this incredible family I know they will be so grateful. This community is so powerful, you all are so uplifting to me. I know that we can do something amazing here to help, and hopefully bring awareness to the importance of this drug being approved to be included with the NHS. So even though Pumpkin makes you smile, your comments and your amazing messages make me smile. Let’s get this little boy healthy and send so much love to his family. Follow his story @mamaandtbear, thank you for listening and thanks for being kind.
Peace and love, Team Pumps xox

🎃”Unless it’s the weekend I don’t wanna hear about Tuesday!” Check out our Instagram Story to see how Pumps is dealing with this morning! Xox

🎃”If you blink first I get dips on the TV... all day.” 🐶”But you ALWAYS get the TV.” 🎃”You’re right! Hahahaha!” 📺❤️

🎃”Toffee! Oreo! Check me out! I’m Spider-Pumps!”🐶”Yea I’m pretty sure you are trying to be like that raccoon who climbed the building.” 🎃”Yea that chick’s my hero man!” 🏢🏙 A little late to the party but how amazing was the #mprraccoon ?! A little #flashbackfriday in honour of that fearless little lady!

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