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Good morning.
How would you caption this photo?

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How 17-year-old built the 'Frank Phone' from scratch. Watch ...... #PulseTech #Smartphone #Creativity #FrankPhone #PulseNigeria

Check out photos from Lagos Startup Week opening ceremony.

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My name is Henrietta, a 48-year-old single mother with two teenage children. I got divorced from their father about 15 years ago and since then, I have laboured alone to take care of them and make sure they do not lack the love they could get from a father.
I left my husband because he was not only cheating on me but also maltreated me, so much that I was hospitalized on many occasions. My former husband would beat me up at the slightest provocation and often threatened to kill me.

The last straw was when he impregnated my best friend and openly told me if I could not stay with his new wife under the same roof, I could leave. He practically threw me out of his house in the middle of the night with practically nothing. I had to start from the scratch and the treatment I got made me hate men, so much that I vowed never to get married again. I promised to live for my children and I have been taking up the responsibilities of a father and a mother to them.

After staying away from men for so long, I decided to go into a relationship with a man I met at our company's end of the year party last year.

Marvin not only stood by me in difficult times but took my children as his own and helped me in so many ways. Though I loved Marvin so much, I told him from the beginning that marriage was out of the way because of my past experiences.

He seemed to respect my stance, especially when I told him he is free to get married once he finds a woman he wanted to live with.

However, we shared a common bond and with our love waxing stronger, I came to depend so much on him.

One thing I was happy about the setting was that my children seemed to like him a lot and looked up to him as they would their father. At first, I was very happy that my 18-year-old and Marvin were very close.

He would visit her in school even without telling me, only for her to call and tell me he had visited and brought some things for her. Whenever she came home for holidays, Marvin would take her to the cinemas, eateries and the beaches. I was still basking in my blissful ignorance when I found out that my daughter was pregnant. #MorningTeaser #PulseNigeria

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President Buhari arrives Abuja, Nigeria after attending the UN General Assembly in New York and a stopover in London.

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Just four๐Ÿ˜

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Happy birthday Udoka Oyeka ! Here's wishing you a lifetime of joy, peace, and happiness. Best wishes from the Pulse team.

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Here is a list of the top 7 highest paid African footballers.

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Today we are crushing on the young, handsome and talented Nigerian actor, Blossom Chukwujekwu. He is regarded as Nollywood's newest quintessential and bankable leading man. He won the award for the best supporting actor at the prestigious Africa Magic Viewers Choice Awards in 2015. He is truly one to look out for on screen.

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Have you had a Zobo Popsicle?
Find out how to make it.
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