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Check out these hilariously funny Church posters that will make you laugh till you cry😂

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Female Genital mutilation is still a cause for concern many parts of Africa.
How can this ugly trend stop?
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For those waiting for D'Banj to give us an album like The Entertainer  should chill. It's not happening!
Do you agree?


1) The two writers are best-selling, award-winning authors. 
2) The address of the building is 305 Marguerite Cartwright Avenue, Nsukka
3) Fu'ad was here yesterday
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Suicide is real. Many around us might be suicidal and we might not know. 
Share this video and don't forget to reach out to anyone you think is exhibiting symptoms.

This is the glorious plate of Abacha and Ugba Fu'ad ably consumed in Enugu. To God be the Glory 😂😂😂 Join him on his trip round Nigeria's 36 states on @pulsenigeriatravel  #Pulse36 #MoveWithAccessBank #SamsungS8PlusNG

A 9-year-old child has reportedly been cured of HIV !!! Do you think it is possible?
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A pastor in Ogun state has reportedly beat up a woman for leaving his church and attending another church,
Share you thoughts on this incident.
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Behold the man with 100 children!!! 😳😳😳😳😳😳 #PulseViral  #Ghana

The honest truth is that not everybody has ear drums 😂😂😂 Don't you just love Nigerians
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Dear Arzuka,

I loved you even before I met you, I heard of your intelligence and how weird you were.

I didn't get to understand until I realized you belong to the Aquarius sign so I made up my mind to be the perfect girl for you.

Little did I know that loving you would cost me so much heartache.

I loved you to the point where I lost myself ... when when I walked out of your life I knew I did the right thing, but then again what would I have done with this intense love I feel for you?

You came back into my life years later when I was with another man and blamed me for leaving you.

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Today our boys are crushing on Niniola... the woman with a voice that is a mixture of vanilla, chocolate and sugary milk 😍😍😍😍 Enough said before e pass ordinary crush 😂😂😂 Follow @pulsenigeriatv for more interesting videos.

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