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I hatched today. 🎉
📷: @ereid3 / @endlesssummerlosangeles & on the land of Patreon now!
Lingerie: @julieklingerie

500k hype! There are half a million of you and that’s seriously BANANAS to me. That is such an insane number for someone who is a blabbering NSFW jackass on the internet that I can’t even comprehend it, but THANK YOU. Fuck, I’m literally at a loss of words. It’s awesome as shit that my multi with @erica.fett is/was(?) SOTD today on @suicidegirls. I have a new one hitting Member Review in 5 days that @caustix_ and I shot last summer so please love on it if you’re a member of SG - this picture is from it with the titty police siren censoring my goodies. I have a Patreon for new followers if you’re interested in MORE of my work, which I’ll be posting a new set tonight now that my internet is (insert Larry David gif) eh... working-ish. Or not, just thanks for following and supporting your local internet weirdo! Check out my twatter and twatch (info in my story highlights) if that’s your thing. Or whatever.
Ramble over, bye.

I decided to finally bite the bullet and replace my bed frame and some storage pieces to help with the space issue in my apartment (RIP my trashy cinderblock shelving) plus a couple other things I needed. Apparently Amazon (no one ever said I can afford nice things so don’t @ me, please! I’m sensitive and fragile and RIP my credit card) is going to deliver basically everything today. The UPS guy probably hates the shit out of me.
New bed frame hype, though - woo! @suicidegirls #suicidegirls

My internet has been a whirlwind of emotions this week. I had my ISP replace my modem to fix the connection inconsistency only to have my DL speed go back to normal and my UL plummet to bullshit levels. Finally hardwired my PC (more bullshit because my modem is in the most inconvenient spot, but we got it fam) and the same issues. Reset the modem and troubleshooted for a day - internet said new modem should fix it so I ordered a new one that’s not from my ISP. Called yesterday to complain... UL speed restored while I was pulling an internet speed test right after I said “um yeah, my UL is trash”. At least I have a new modem and my connection problems should finally stop now, but it’s me. We know me.
Anyway, I was topless in pumas @puma and a skirt on a chair and @oso_la took a really good photo, which makes me look tall and shit.
Good talk, internet.

Waiting on my bagel bites like...
📷 @apollozphotography

It’s like a race to do laundry in my building. Someone always uses all the machines and it’s so rude. I mean... I do it too, but only because they did it first. They can fight me to wash their towels.
Oh and I shot with @oso_la last week and he made my 🍑 look aces. Thanks for letting us use your pad @millouxsuicide and @crocodileeye!
My bodysuit is from @honeybirdette for anyone wondering. It made my boobs look good so 10/10 recommendation.

Still bummed about my tech issues last night on twitch. I felt hella cute for once, too. Please validate me. (EDIT: I was joking. I’m sorry I’m not funny and all you thought I was serious. 👀)

These lashes are ridiculous and I like how they make my eyes look massive. I project lemur attempting to look like an anime princess vibes. It’s lit, fam. (Is that what the kids say?) The lashes are Goddess from @tartecosmetics but I definitely did not buy them thinking I’d magically look like a goddess. (Narrator: she did) #suicidegirls @suicidegirls

I seem to be put in extreme conditions a lot by my friends. I’m internally arguing with myself if hypothermia or heatstroke is worse.
📷 @mossvonf5

“Now I can't keep the guilt from my heart
The stuttering emotions keep me fixed to fall apart
And I know I'm leaving all this sweat in our bed
A broken heart bleeding with a gun to my head” 📷 @ereid3 / @endlesssummerlosangeles #coheedandcambria #unheavenlycreatures

And now for something totally different because this heat has got me feeling some feels.
📷 @jsrphotos

Twister cheater because I’m too famous for this game. I’m shooketh. (Joking aside, I never noticed how insane my left arm looks - cue this idiot only now noticing how tattooed they’ve become) 📷 @apollozphotography

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