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Just a couple girls who put on the thong song and licked some balls with wrenches. @nebula.bee and I are so excited for this set to hit member review on @suicidegirls 📸 @sariaphotography

@nebula.bee and I are bringing a bold multi for you all on @suicidegirls, Cotton. We’ll see how it plays out. @sariasays_ is submitting “Average Joe’s Gym” soon so it’ll be several months before this hits MR - sorry, Ouchtown, population you, bro! I have another set with @sariaphotography coming out in less than 3 weeks and normally you’d have to pay extra for that, Cotton.

Dear Diary,
Mood: Apathetic - my life is spiralling.
I feel like tacos.
(I have the emo song from high school in my head and I’m not mad)📸: @mossvonf5 .
EDIT: woooo some of your comments took this too seriously! Please look up “emo song” on YouTube - it’s a super silly song making fun of emo culture from the early 2000s/MySpace days. I swear I’m not this overdramatic lmfao

📸 @mcwhorterphotography

Last month, I got to shoot with @crissro for @suicidegirls and totally forgot to snag previews because I’m a forgetful dunce. What else is new? She was very sweet to send me some. I brought back the blue lingerie from Last Caress because I felt like it and I thought it would be neato to see how much I’ve (not) improved and (not) changed (just different hair color and more tattoos, ya cheap bitch). I definitely did go in that fountain and got some gnarly hives from it. For the art (aka crazy bitch).

My makeup today from shooting with @ashleynjoncas - I’m so excited for what we did and yay to new friends!
Most of my selfies today look like I’m miserable or deranged so that fits the theme of what we did. I go all in, in every aspect, apparently. Or so I like to convince myself - we’ll go with that!
I got to play with my pride and joy @patmcgrathreal Mothership V shadows, which I’m so stoked I finally was able to buy one. 😍🖤

I don’t know why I put a steak to cover my nip. It’s now a devil steak.
Devil steak nip.
Devil steak nip Friday.
That’s a day I can get behind! Where’s Dave Grohl as the Devil for a titty rock off!?
📸 @neon_noir_la | sheer top is from @alexandreaanissa - I blurred the left nip so the duderinos saying they can “clearly” see it need to probably check their eyes. I zoomed all the fuck in and I know what my own tit looks like. 👍🏻

And happy #nationalcomingoutday to all my LGBT fam bam! 🏳️‍🌈 I’m not going to have my own experience to share, but I love you all and I’m so proud of you for your courage. You be unabashedly you, all you queens, kings, and nonbinary royalties! ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜 📸: @alexstonephoto staring down at me for @teenhearts promos! I’m like a little ant person!

Hi, I have anxiety and PTSD and currently looking for a therapist who will guide my lost and fragile little brain back to a semblance of normalcy. I also sometimes smoke cannabis to assist with my anxiety because I personally can’t stand how Xanax/Valium makes me feel.
Except... the majority of humans have some form of mental illness. Wouldn’t you say that it’s more normal than you think to have a mental illness? I kind of think so.
You’re not weird or alone. So many suffer through it. You matter and someone loves you so don’t be so hard on yourself. Getting help in whatever method works for you to feel like you is what everyone deserves. No one has the right to make you feel like shit if you are suffering - punch them in the neck with an open fist if they do, ya badass duderinos.
📸: @jsrphotos after he threw me in the snow trying to be creepy and shit.

That dollar might smell like my pit now, but that’s a problem for the parking attendant I might have given it to on Sunday.
From Saturday at @clubbarsinister / @whiskey_shotz - thanks for having me, @kentkaliber 🖤 bodysuit: @honeybirdette

Yeah, some of our clothes are from victims. You might bite someone and then, you think, “Oooh, those are some nice pants!”.
What’s your favourite vampire movie!? I’m partial to Bram Stoker’s Dracula and What We Do in the Shadows!
📸: @mcwhorterphotography | wearing “Honey” contacts from @honeycolor_official | purple ‘highlight’ is Houdini space paste from @lemonhead.la | blood is from a guy not named Chad.

...you got red on you.
@mcwhorterphotography and I are always so damn extra in our love for bloody shoots. (Fun fact: that dress didn’t end up stained so uh... the real horror mystery, CARRIE)

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