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Pulp 🕵🏻  . published tattoo model . sg . los angeles . 18+ . ate food in a shower . twitch.tv/pulpfictionally . patreon.com/pulpfictionally . #pulpfictionally

I don’t understand how my friends and babes I follow are able to wear wigs so often. I feel like I’m putting them on wrong all the time and they’re so heavy! Y’all ladies and gents wearing wigs are the real MVPs. I love them still. This one was sent to me by @evahairofficial last year so this is not an ad. I do like the wig though! I may play with more in the future. 😇 #SuicideGirls @suicidegirls

I like sleeping on my couch with a gravity blanket sometimes for no other reason than it reminds me of home. 📸: @alexandrakacha

Channeling mama. Dream team with @whoismrbates and @kvlt_baby 🖤 horror sleeve: @alteredfleshtattoo

Hi guys, normally I don’t do a lot of promo things since I know people are fed onslaughts of ads on the daily. My friend @thatnicolesixx is a very talented writer and I’m a huge horror fan so I’ve been reading her new book Some Fucked Up Shit: Ghosts (@somefckedupshit) over the last week. I want to pass some love to her and if you’re looking for something new to read for spring! If you’re interested in picking up a copy, DM @thatnicolesixx so she can also sign your copy! (Mine isn’t so yours will be better lol)

“And I know
There’s something down there
Sugar Cone
Back to the cross, a twisted lane
There’s something down there
Sugar Kane”
Shot by the lovely and new friend, @alexandrakacha
#inkedmag #inkedgirls #tattoomodel

Bridgette Bardot vibes courtesy of @kvlt_baby and shot by @whoismrbates - it took us two years to connect and shoot. 💙

So high cut that you’re breathing fabric through your ass. Happy Saturday.
Don’t forget to come see me at @clubbarsinister tonight and party it up if you’re bored in Hollywood.
📸: @alexstonephoto

Tomorrow night, I’ll gogo dancing at @clubbarsinister (hosted by @kentkaliber) - come party and tip ya girl. 📸: @whiskey_shotz

A little throwback for #420 with @prince.flea 💚💜 stay chill and safe today. 🤙🏻

Thanks @laseraway for helping keep my skin feeling and looking more youthful. Another step closer to becoming a vampire. #laseraway

“I have no heart, I have no brain
Lord I have no courage
Can you get me home again?” 🎼 📸: @markvelasquez101

“Business Class” (shot by @caustix_) is in the queue for @suicidegirls - give it like 4 1/2 months to hit member review. Kthnxbai 🖤

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