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Pullen Smoke  I’m a YouTuber🎥, I enjoy cannabis alot🍁, I drive a '16 Kia Optima Follow along!

Felt really good editing this video together. Sorry I’ve been such a slacker lately on YouTube and here. Done moping, let’s edit!
Here a nice roller I took of Joe’s Jeep J2000 the other day when we went out to do some off-roading. I love seeing a vintage car sit all winter and fire right up the first try 💪🏼 #pullensmoke #youtube #iphonex #jeep #j2000 #vintagetruck #stillruns

Shine bright little diamond. 🔥✌🏼 @akterpbros stays slaying it. #thca #thcadiamonds

It’s been awhile. Still pullensmoke. Dabbing some double tangie banana 🍌 from the homie @akterpbro Smoking on my new rig I picked up at @ziggyssmokeshop made by @nervglass dabber by @stainless_katana

Family road trip vacation 2019. Los Angeles-Seattle 🛣

Fall vibes 🍂 🌲

Kia bruh. 😈

Absolutely loving my new @gopro #hero7black the hyper smooth hyper lapse is probably one of my favorite new things about it. New video on my channel coming today! 👍🏼 #pullensmoke #youtube #youtuber #vlog

To be fair... I did almost run her over😬 @daisiesanddumbbells_ she was ok, now we can laugh about it 🙌🏼😂 can’t wait to be able to go through bigger holes with more people! Who wants to go do some more off-roading before the snow flys?

Don’t know why it took me until the end of this summer to go do any off-roading in my wife’s #jeeppatriot. Gave me a whole new perspective on a different build; off-road build. Although not as capable as other jeeps, this little “rampageriot”did so much better than I expected in some of those holes we went through. Obviously my wife wasn’t as stoked as I am about about it 🖕🏼😂 What are some MUST HAVES I should check out for the Jeep?!

Oh the joys of driving a fwd boat again 🚣... turned around in a pull off and my passenger side tire hit the wet grass, pulled me right into the ditch. Thankfully my girls and I were safe, White Iverson was not damaged, and tow fee will be covered by insurance. 🙏🏼😓

Parking on the greens 💚at the Alaska High Times Cannabis Cup 2018. It was great seeing everyone out there! ☮️

How to wreck yourself 101. @cloudycam making sure the deed is done. 🔥🔥 such a hot and hurty, nearly 1g dab. The @terrysharp egg helped smooth it up a little 🤯