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Pullen Smoke  🔞 I live in Alaska with my two loves. 👸🏼👶🏼 I’m a YouTuber🎥, I enjoy cannabis alot🍁, I drive a '16 Kia Optima Follow along! #pullensmoke

Forgot I filmed this little hill on the back side of Hatcher’s. My wife’s commentary has me 💀 😂

W.I. Flexing with about 400lbs of slate rocks from the rock slide in the back. I love the slammed look

White Iverson 👻 ghosting it. 👀

Stock cool fire. 😂 ❄️ 🔥

These #diamondloop nails work very well. 👍🏼👍🏼 💨 #pullensmoke #clayballglass

Buggin 🐝🦋🦗

Knife dabber by: @stainless_katana 🔪 Diamonds by: @whoooriah 🌱 X @alaskaextracts 💎👌🏼 Dabbed by: @pullensmoke_ 💨 #pullensmoke #alaskaextracts #stainlesskatana

Working on making my grass greener. 👨🏻‍🌾💪🏼

Life is good when your playing with fire. Sorry for the lack of cannabis posts lately. My mind has been solely on building my wrx for the past year, but y’all already know who and what PullenSMOKE is all about. Inhaling those sweet sweet cannabinoids everyday is something that makes me get up in the morning. 🔥🔥🤤 #pullensmoke

I miss you, Betty. 😢😘

I’d like to introduce you all to my new car, White Iverson. 👻🐌

First things first, threw my @thule roof rack up on my new #optima. Looks better already with it on, starting my plans for the build on this car now. No power performances just gonna make her look good. Still deciding a good name 🤔 it’ll hit me.