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Pullen Smoke  🔞 I live in Alaska with my two loves. 👸🏼👶🏼 I’m a YouTuber🎥, I enjoy cannabis alot🍁, I drive a '16 Subaru WRX🏎. Follow along! #pullensmoke

I miss you, Betty. 😢😘

I’d like to introduce you all to my new car, White Iverson. 👻🐌

First things first, threw my @thule roof rack up on my new #optima. Looks better already with it on, starting my plans for the build on this car now. No power performances just gonna make her look good. Still deciding a good name 🤔 it’ll hit me.

“With great power comes great responsibility” 😭😢 It is with deep sorrow that I make this post. I had to get rid of my WRX... I got my first ticket of my life in this car in February, then i got another one in March, day before yesterday I got my third ticket and on my drive home (thankfully I was let go) I knew what I had to do to clean up my driving and get my record back to the squeaky clean that it was before I got this car. So I hit my boy @_gabruhl and told him my situation and he had the perfect replacement car for me. Traded in my 2016 Subaru wrx for this 2016 Kia Optima! Does it have awd? No. Does it have a turbo? No. Is it the most ticketed car in America? NOPE! It’s a nice, clean, family sedan that doesn’t want to grab the attention of anyone. My hope is that I can go to court now to fight these tickets and show the judges that i truly am trying to clean up my act by getting rid of the car that I just got myself into so much trouble in. Hopefully they’ll see that and give me some forgiveness. I’m very disappointed in myself that I could get to this point in my life where I can afford one of the cars of my dreams, but not be able to handle the power of responsibilities that it comes with. Anyone’s added slack is not needed😞 I appreciate everyone’s support in my Subaru build and hope that you’ll stick around to see my next best thing. This Optima is gonna be one sick family sedan! 🤷🏼‍♂️🔥😎

One more from yesterday’s cruise. 🏔@team_subaru15_alaska

Great cruise through some windy roads with some of the guys from @team_subaru15_alaska. Got my decal from them slapped on immediately. Happy to become apart of the team. 😎🏎 #teamsubaru15

Got grip? 💪🏼 I think these @toyotires extensa HP are going to be great summer and track tires. I’ve only driven my car on snow tires, wonder how much of a difference it’s going to make 🤔

Awd launches 🚀 on dirt, feeling real rally like. Time for a wash 🚿 🏎

Had to take my @chrisbaindesigns #dichro Mario pendy up to the mountain with me yesterday. Love the way it shines in the light. 🔥🔥

“Buy a black car”, I told myself “it will be so sick and easy to keep clean”, I told myself. ...I was wrong about it being easy to keep clean, but it does look so sick 😷 🔥

My dude @dirty_deitz has such a clean ‘17 STI, with the STI license plate 👌🏼🤤 can’t wait to see what power mods he does in Oregon. Go follow his build. @dirty_deitz 🏎💸🤷🏼‍♂️ #pullensmoke #subaru #subaruwrx #subarusti #subarunation #subienation #wrxsti #cobb #cobbtuning #subieaddicts #subiestance #subie #subiegang #subiegram #turbo #boosted #evo #sweetsubies #subierumble #rumblebros #eatsleepsubaru #carsofinstagram #subieflow #subie001 #carporn #teamsubaru15 #jdm #wrxnation #subaruusa #wrx

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