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Pulled Pork Project  Brisket had its time, TailgateJoe is putting his incredible pulled pork on the map! Looking for popup spots to share my QueKungFu! South Florida

Missing Florida but killing it up in NY rocking some private VIP events and sharing my passion on the grill.

Great time hosting a VIP Tailgate at Dolphins Stsdium in Miami last weekend!

Hey South Florida, I've been up north in NYC throwing 5 kinds of fire at @standardburger but this weekend I am heading back down to Miami to host a kick-ass tailgate party for U2 for @vipexperiences with @mobilemike_ supplying the tunes.

What I'm up to in NYC, making sure @standardburger is throwing down some of the best burgers ever to hit a plate as their "Resident Burger Guru" and managing partner. #Repost @standardburger with @repostapp
Another creation from our "Build Your Own" options. This burger was inspired by the classic buffalo hot wing. The stack consists of our fresh @patlafrieda beef blend, a slab of blue cheese, grilled red onions tossed in hot sauce, our garlic aioli, and bacon on a pretzel bun. We paired it with an ice cold @heineken_us #yummy #foodporn #instafood #delicious #foodie #foodgasm #cooking #nlomnom #foodphotography #instagood #foodstagram #igfood #goodeats #buzzfeedfood #huffposttaste #instayum # #tastespotting #foodblogger #foodpron #instalike #f52grams #thekitchn #feedfeed #buzzfeast #foodpornshare #kitchenbowl #forkfeed

What I'm up to in NYC #Repost @tailgatejoe with @repostapp
I am the hot dog master, plain and simple. This is not conceited boasting, I have come in 1st or 2nd in the 3 consecutive years I competed in The Great Hot Dog Cookoff in Brooklyn, NY. These @patlafrieda hot dogs deep fried, served with bacon, grilled red onion and deli mustard sandwiches on @potatorolls are decadent. In a few days I will be able to tell you where in NYC you can get them!! #yummy #foodporn #instafood #delicious #foodie #foodgasm #cooking #nlomnom #foodphotography #instagood #foodstagram #igfood #goodeats #buzzfeedfood #huffposttaste #instayum # #tastespotting #foodblogger #foodpron #instalike #f52grams #thekitchn #feedfeed #buzzfeast #foodpornshare #kitchenbowl #forkfeed

My other account @tailgatejoe ・・・
A little late night snack, not much in the fridge but sometimes all you need is a few ingredients prepared well. Some asparagus hit with lemon and fired quick, a crispy egg with some crushed red pepper flakes and cracked black pepper, on pumpernickel toast. #yummy #foodporn #instafood #delicious #foodie #foodgasm #cooking #nlomnom #foodphotography #instagood #foodstagram #igfood #goodeats #buzzfeedfood #huffposttaste #instayum # #tastespotting #foodblogger #foodpron #instalike #f52grams #thekitchn #feedfeed #buzzfeast #foodpornshare #kitchenbowl #forkfeed

On the road again....... So I have been down in South Florida for the last 3 months working a food truck, Pulled Pork Project, and sharing my food from Palm Beach to Miami. The plan was to be here until the end of July, then head back up for the football season and TailgateJoe. But, just as Mike Tyson put it, "everyone has a plan until they get hit," things can change up and life is really just a bunch of unforeseen twists and turns. To that end, an opportunity up north has been offered to me, so I am going to put my Florida plans on hold for now, head up north to dive into something that may end up leading to great things, and also get my house in order ahead of the 2017 football season and TailgateJoe.
It has been a LOT of work the last 3 months, but also a lot of satisfaction with all the positive feedback from everyone who has tried my food. I have definitely learned a bunch, and being in FL and getting into the local latin food, I have definitely expanded my culinary knowledge. I take inspiration from many everyday places, I always have, and I can say I have had some true inspiration from my time here and have come up with some great ideas and concepts in the food/hospitality area.
My life has really been a bounty of experiences, more than most people get to have in their lives. My time here has been one of those experiences that I think will have a very strong longterm impact. I think the last 3 months has definitely changed me, both professionally and personally. Like I said, profesionally I think I have gained some knowledge and insight and the seeds of some great ideas. Personally, I think I figured out what I want in life, as much as anyone can really figure that out, and now I just need to work to set myself up in a way to have it the way I want it.

I was lucky to make some new friends, connect with some old ones, and share some moments that will stay with me for a long time. To everyone I met or spent time with down here, this is not goodbye, just bye for now. I'll be back down to chill like I always am, so don't be a stranger!
I am really looking forward to the next great adventure. Follow me at @tailgatejoe to see what comes next!!

Grilling at the beach this weekend, hanging with the @vipexperiences crew in Lauderdale.

You may get burned once in a while, but a life without passion for what you do, those you love, and the path you take is just not a life truly lived.

This coming Monday 3/27, catch me for lunch at @saltwaterbrewery from 12-3!

When I'm not smokin' em in South Florida, you can cash me outside in NY running things in the lot at MetLife Stadium with one of the biggest tailgate parties in the NFL! Take a sec and go follow @tailgatejoe to follow my adventures!

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