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-palak✨  We live in the Shadows like broken Pianos🌙 I look like a brown hot mocha latte. Minus the hot part! 🌚🌝 I drink tea like a bloated wild woman🐸☕

Me and boo matched today💕💞

Cutie Patooties of College👑

I still look like an egg. If sometimes I don't, your eyesight is probably playing with you. It's not the truth💀
PS - I love them. Vaishali threatened me to add something sweet about them. 🍭here you go, Vags

Poop hair, don't care👑
Class of 2019 and 2021

Happy Birthday to you, you Vogue Ass Bitch Gravity. Love ya💋

Happy Birthday Babygirl💋👑
You're cuter than Gideon! We love you💩

All these nice ass pictures are just an illusion. The real deal is fucked up💀
PS - I'm actually wearing a tube top. Stfu. I ain't a nakey baby😤😤

My hairs look extra curly, short and puffy! Shall I name myself Jigglypuff? Jigglypuff ass looking bitch🐸

Looking like a whole effing Eggo🐒🍳

If I cut my hair, dye them, workout and get that jawline sharp, it's over for you boy bitches out there💀👅

🌞Little brownie went out with her friends today. Brownie went to a Café with special Fran too. Brownie is Happy. Brownie has gone bonkers 😂

My left eye looks like it still has Conjuctivitis🐸☕
Damn. Look at my jawline tho🙈
Also, I'm Ded. Someone show me their seccsie jawline. By someone I mean my eye candy💀

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