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Grumpy Pug & Ma  It's Sharkie Season, Pitches!! 🦈🦈 Ma is here to help post pics & defend any legal actions. 🙅 💫PugSpeed my sweet BabyGunz ❤️ #ridesshotgunfamily ❤️

😂😆🤣 #Repost @vitos_universe (@get_repost)
🔊 We'ze hoping our pal Finley feels better soon! He was hallucinatin earlier from hims meds! 🤣🤣 dweamin of sharkies and food! @pugridesshotgun

"Feelin fancy in me lobster shoit and me crabby tie!" 🦀tie by @mollyspawtique #bestdressedaward💁 #yesdatsasmidgendindinonmelippy

"Keepin' me eyes on dem tree trimmers to make sure dey don't approach me GrumpyCompound." 🙊😬🙊 #thatMarcusGuyiskindaHotBubba #ewwwMaaaa 😂😂😂

We adjusted the meds. The whining has stopped. He's comfortable. No more pacing. And the definite druggy eyeballz have returned. 👀🙊 #mylawdG #youllneverpassafieldsobrietytestthisway 😂 #guiltyfaces

GrumpySon 😆 going down the Ribber Nile (see stories).

"Wut if dere'll nebber be anodder bagel fer dispuggy?" 😮 #highlyunlikelybubs #druggypuggythoughts #nomorefunnypillstonight 😑

"Who? Me?!" 🐶👼🏼🐶 Even tho it's a funny little pic of fin (I just caught him trying to scratch his shoulder scar) he's visibly and audibly uncomfortable still. 😭😭😭 Calling his vets again today to see if there's something we can do. He seems to get better, slowly. We have some meds restrictions this time so it really throws a wrench into things.... 😩 #hardlyanysleepagain #meh #sob #killmenow😫🔫

When you're the last one to turn off the lights ... 😂🙄 #MasTired😩 #gotobedbubba #yourpugondrugs

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